Jan 3, 2009
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Psycho's Totally Truly False Databases

First off credit goes to malikoi‎ from SI Games Editor Hideaway forum for the initial idea and the name, His Thread can be found here.​

For those that haven't clicked the link, malikoi asked if there was a way to have a game where the players are truly fake, now as most people are aware there is an option to un-tick use real players but as malikoi points out even with false names the top players are easily spotted so that got me thinking how to do this without having to delete all the players from the database as suggested by Dave Fairburn and I'm pleased to say I came up with 2 solutions.

My first and probably favourite solution was to delete any player with a CA of 140 or above and surprisingly there were only 803, I thought (wrongly) that the game would create new world class players using the add players to manageable teams option this however actually gives the game another twist as the teams become fairly balanced and although in the first season there are no world class players they do get generated as seasons progress.

This first link will give you a database for the above and the second link will give you the same database but with staff with 140 CA deleted as well and the third is the second link with all nations Youth Rating upped to 185 to increase the number of wonderkids that come through. Remember to un-tick use real players and only choose 1 database to load at a time.

The Second solution was to keep all the top players and staff in the team but to mix things up a bit, first I started off with deleting all players position so the position the player became was random upon game creation, the second thing was to remove all PPM's to avoid influencing postion and or having stupid PPM's for there new position i.e. shoots with power for a goalkeeper though likes to lob goalkeeper might have been interesting to see LOL. The third was to delete all other abilities apart from CA/PA again to avoid influencing position

The 4th link will give you a database for the above, Now even though that mixed things up you could still see who Messi and the likes were even with their new positions, the next step was to change PA to -9/-10 and and change their CA in between 140 - 185 randomly with this database the only way see who the likes of Messi is is to load up the DB in the editor and then load the game in FM Genie and compare CA, the 5th Link will give you this.

The 6th link will give you the above with 132 managers and 12168 players released from their clubs and the 7th link will give you the free transfers plus increased wage budgets for teams with a reputation of between 3000 and 10000.

The wage budget depends on reputation and is as follows -

8000 - 10000 - £2,000,000
7000 - 7999 - £1,600,000
6000 - 6999 - £1,400,000
5000 - 5999 - £1,200,000
4000 - 4999 - £1,000,000

Remember to un-tick use real players and for the free transfer Db's it's recommended choose add players to manageable teams to and only choose 1 database to load at a time.





Any questions, feedback or suggestions welcome