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Sep 12, 2010
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Well I've managed to lure Messi away from Barcelona, but I still need a AML or AMC.

I've got numerous options open to me. I can play Messi (best) on the right wing or attacking mid. I've got Hazard in attacking mid at the moment, but I can easily move him to the left wing and either put Messi in his postition and buy a right winger, or put Messi at right wing and buy another attacking mid, or finally buy a left winger and leave everybody else where they are.

Opinions on where to put people and who to buy please.
I'd buy either Paulo Henrique or Pastore, play him at AMC, Hazard AML and obviously Messi AMR...
keep messi on the right and put nikolas gaitan on the left here is a screenshot to decide, also you could put luka modric from tottneham on the left or right, he's performed very well for me
AML - Fabio Coentrao / Bale
AMC - Paulo Henrique / Stevan Jovetic
AMR - Giuliano / Gervinho
I quite like Stevan Jovetic he can fit in anywhere in AM so a good utility player and he's young.

Antonio Cassano a good player up the left... although he is getting on a bit.
Preferably I want my two wingers to be able to cut inside and shoot, but still be able to cross the ball with their other foot. I play them as inside forwards you see.

For example Messi can cut in from the right and have a left foot shot, but is still go enough to go down the line and cross it.

So people like Bale and Sanchez really won't work too well.

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I quite like Stevan Jovetic he can fit in anywhere in AM so a good utility player and he's young.

He seems the favourite to come in at the moment on the left or centre.

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Any more?
buy jovetic for AML and pastore for AMC
on my barca save i bought jovetic for the AML and he was better than messi
so i highly recomend him to you
Nicolas Gaitan AML/ST does wonder's so does Eduardo Salvio AMR (Was my top scored and most assists and best player 1st season with a high avg rating)
So far I think I'm going to go with Jovetic.

Does anyone know how good Neymar is on the left wing?
Hazard aml
Messi amc
Salvio amr

All of them with loads of freedom.