Dec 11, 2011
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Hello, I seen someone talk about it and how before a match they would single out a few opposing players with low determination and speak to the press about them in a bad way and they would crumble under the pressure and they'd eitherhave low morale etc etc... but I can't find the thread and i'm just wondering how you do it if anyone can help?:D
Go to the player you want. Click 'talk to press' then select Match preformance and choose either Dangerman (Strikers/ACM's) or Weakest link (Defenders/DCM's)
Would it be best to do that to defenders? Cause if they make mistakes so close to goal then there likely to concede
i put a thread up yesterday and i tried it this morn and lasr night and all they kept saying was he keeps repeating himself? although it did help me to beat brighton away from home tbf
I only found this out a few days ago. I felt guilty after Wigan's centre back said to the press "I haven't been able to get Jack's words out of my head etc" I had visions of him at home not being able to sleep at night and been in a grump to his family all because I said he was Wigan's weakest link :( He scored an own goal too in our match too :p