Dec 20, 2009
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Sky Sports News Headline: Owen Coyle Killed By Mob

“Breaking news from Bolton this morning as it has emerged that Owen Coyle, former play and now manager of Bolton Wanderers FC has been killed by what looks like to be multiple stab wounds in the back.

We cross now over to Tom Baily who is at the scene of where the incident has taken place, Tom”

“Thank-you Kate, From what we are seeing and what has been reported to us by police, it is suspected that Owen Coyle was subject to a brutal stabbing in the early hours of the morning after being locked out of his house by his wife for having an affair with Wayne Bridges ex.

There isn’t much to go on but police have put forward a statement which includes Wayne Bridge as a suspect, with me now is PC Stones”

“We can confirm that we are issuing a warrant for the suspects arrest”

“Can you tell us anything about what you have found so far on the scene?”

“We cannot disclose any more information at the moment regarding this case – Thank-you.”

“So there you have it Kate, they suspect Wayne Bridge as the man who is behind this attack.”

“Thank-you Tom. More on that story as it develops”

***The next day***

Eddie Davis is sitting at his desk in the board room thinking “how can I replace a guy like Owen? He is a legend in this town” while scrolling through his clubs Wikipedia page looking at past times of the club

***several minutes later***

“Roy Greaves – maybe if he has a managerial licence he can take on the job, but how do I contact him?” Eddie thinks as he is pouring a glass of his favourite wine. All of a sudden it hits him “TO THE YELLOW PAGES” he yells, and with a stroke of luck there he is “Roy Greaves - 784625”

“Hmm that is his home number – well its never too early to wake somebody up”

Ring Ring… Ring Ring… Ring Ring… Ring Ri…

“Who the ****** **** is calling me at this hour?” calls a grumpy voice down the telephone

“This is Eddie Davis – Chairman of Bolton Wanderers FC, I was wondering if you had heard the news about Owen Coyle?”

“No, I have no TV… how can I have?”

“Well I regret to inform you that he has been stabbed in the back several times in the early hours of this morning, and seen as this is the case we have a vacant managerial position at the club, and I was wondering if you would be interested in taking it up?”

“Why would I do that? Its not like any Bolton fan could remember who I was after all these years..”

“With over 495 appearances for the club – are you mad? You’re a legend to the club!”

“yeah and if I take the managerial position up – what is in it for me?”

“The chance to manage a club that you started your career at, and take it to new heights”

“Have a car pick me up at 2PM ill be down at the stadium for and interview then” Groaned Greaves has he had a hang over.
Not a bad start. Wayne Bridge - serial killer?

went a bit crazy i know... but there is a twist ;)

it kind of seemed suiting given the fact that John Terry did what he did.

As soon as i can get the pictures... the interview will be posted (im on my laptop at the minute so i cant actually start the game... which sucks, ill start it later though :)

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The Interview: preparation

Roy Greaves:

As this was an official interview Roy Greaves had to fish out his old suit, which he hadn’t worn for years and feared that it didn’t fit him anymore.

After a few frantic minutes of searching around his nursing home wardrobe he found it, and it was covered in dust.

“Ah terrific” he thought as he tried to dust it off as best as he could without damaging the old suite.

“Well this is a good start” he thought as he tried to look happy that he has an interview with his old club.


The nursing home

Eddie Davis:
Typing away on his computer his mind started to wonder around as he pondered whether he had made the right decision in approaching Roy Greaves to be his new manager.

He quickly found himself drawing up a list on the computer of the pros and cons of having him as a manager could be – despite the fact he was supposed to be making a list of questions that he wanted to ask Roy before he announces that Bolton have signed a new manager

After an hour of weighing up the pros and cons, quickly flicking back to his question list he had only written one question “why do you want to job?” “hmm” he thought “pretty pointless seen as I approached him… ah well, I will make the questions up as I go along.”

As he had the rest of the morning and until 2.30PM, and he was alone in his board room office, the place looking a tip from the office party the other night, he decided he would clean it up and make it look a little more presentable.

The office party And after cleaning the room

After a frantic morning cleaning the room, he soon realised it was 2.15Pm, and he missed his favorite program – Cash in the Attic, choosing to waste his next 15 minutes watching the beginning of his program.

The interview: question time

“welcome Mr Greaves, I am glad that you were able to agree to come for an interview”

“Yeah yeah, wheres my glass of wine? I always have a glass of wine at 2.30PM”

“this is an interview, therefore I do not allow alcohol.”

“well cmon then I want to have my glass of wine already… question 1?”

“ok… well seen as you were a player at this club, do you still have the same passion that you once had for the club?”

“of course I do, what do you think I am? A turn coat? Next…”

“What would you say is your best quality and why do you think you would suite this role within the club?”

“I am aggressive, I know discipline, and discipline is clearly lacking in today’s game, you can expect to save a lot on wages if the there are a lot of discipline issues. Why would I suite the role? Because I know what Bolton is all about, as you mentioned I have over 495 appearances under my belt for this club.”

“very well, with money not as free flowing as we would like, how will you go about the transfer market?”

“I will try to sign free transfers, or maybe sell fringe – and lower quality first team players in order to conduct transfer business”

“what about Gary Cahill? Currently the best defender we have, will you be tempted to sell him?”

“NO!! we need good defenders, and if he wants to leave then tough.. to reach my ambitions we need to hold on to our best players”

“ambitions? What are these ambitions that you speak of?”

“to win in Europe? To become a successful team and establish ourselves in the title races”

“I can see that you are a passionate man regarding this club… and we will be in touch in the near future with our decision”

“can I have my wine now?”

And with that rather odd interview Roy Greaves was gone.. down to the nearest local for a glass of wine.

The glass of wine

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next update will come tomorrow, as i have assassins creed brotherhood to complete :D

also im on my laptop so i cant start the game till tomorrow anyway..

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i will be updating in teh next few hours, (it will be the first 2 months of the game... as i have work i wont be able to update after that untill tomorrow :( )

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Does Roy Greaves accept the job?
“well its time to inform Roy that he is the next manager of Bolton... where did i put his blasted phone number again?” thought Eddie Davis out loud, as his PA walked into the room.

“can i help at all?” she asked with a silky smooth voice, after aking a sip from her cup of coffee.

“yeah, you can help me look for Greaves number... hes the new manager of Bolton... once i tell him that is” replied Eddie, sill franticly looking around for the number, not noticing that his PA was trying it on.

“oh, well ok ill look in this stack of papers, see if i can find it” she said in a much more abrupt tone.
***Minutes later***
“Aha i have found it” he exclaimed in a triumphant voice.

“well i will leave you to it then” she said, spun on her heels and left him to make his phone call.

He sat there for a few minutes, gathering himself as he once again found himself looking at the pros and cons of hiring Roy as the next manager.

“the fans love him, he is one of the most capped players for the club” he thought as he found himself punching in the numbers of Greaves phone.

Ring ring... Ring ring... Ring Ring... Ri...
“hello? Who is this?” Roy said in a panicky voice down the phone.

“It’s Mr Davis, from Bolton Wanderers again, why do you sound so frightened?” Eddie said in response, not seeming to care about why Roy seemed to be in a panic.

“Its’s nothing, it doesn’t concern you... did i get the job then or what?” snapped Roy

“It is there if you want it, your abrupt tone is what sealed it... this club needs a manager who will not be walked over by his players... your that person” said Mr Davis, with relief that Roy didn’t tell him about his problems.

“Well I will accept, I will report from training on Monday” said Roy, not sounding so enthusiastic about his new job.

“Swell, i will see you on Monday morning then, report to the training round at 6Am sharp!” Mr davis said and hung up the phone.

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I am firing up the game now, so i wont be responding to any messages untill i have updated he 1st 2 months of the season
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Its ok but a bit confusing. I would suggest to layout your writing in the middle of your page.