Jan 17, 2013
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Currently in my 3rd season with the R's and this is my line


Bosingwa - M'Bia - Onuoha - Buttner

Snodgrass - Pogba - Barton - McLean



SUBS: Amos, M.Keane, Traore, Poulsen, Beckham, Ireland, Long

After finishing 17th in my first seanson and then 11th i feel i need to improve the team mainly on the wings and at the back as Pogba and Barton are doing very well. With 13.5m in the bank i have a small bit to spend.

Any help would be awesome
I think if you want to push for Europe you will need to change your CB in onuocha he is alright but nothing great check the transfer list or have a look at dragovic, okore or maybe Clark from villa
For the other postion you need to inprove is your RB get a young guy to replace him maybe kelly from liverpool and for your wingers are not up to stratch check the transfer list because i cant tell if players like SOSA has signed a new contract if not get him for like 6 mill
good luck
Had a bid accepted for sosa at the moment for 5.5m, hoping he accepts terms and joins... i'll try get kelly to take over from bosingwa... gonna hold onto snodgrass from 1 more season as he had a good year last year with 8 goals and 11 assits, 9 of those were crosses for carroll
Yeah fair play i just thoguht of a winger Markovic he is a serb and young very good on the right and can you screen cap sosa stats and your CB is very weak just screen cap the transfer list i can help you more
or have a took at
Simon Kjaer
awesome... at work at the moment so wont be able to do it till later...
I know how you fell man at college itching to get home and play it haha!
I have a thread on here can anyone offer any advice.. Have a look on there I have all my previous transfers on a SS some decent signings that could help