Jan 18, 2011
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Hey guys im QPR im top of the championship and about to be promoted, can you guys think of any good players that will help me out in the prem for a fairly cheap price?
dede is a defender who is fantastic and he is free at start of season
Look at the teams that have just been relegated and try and sign their best players. Also, look around Europe and check for transfer listed players of good quality.
woops jsut realised that you are on about the second season sorry mate but still try to but him if possible

+ what positions
and look at the mid table teams in the prem and knick a few players,
even teams who got to playoff and didnt make it or teams that went up with you
Morgan Schneiderlin, Herold Goulon, Kasper Schmeichel, Robert Snodgrass, Lucas Digne, Simon Church...Also try to find some free agent players, for example I have managed to get Paloschi 3rd season.
the worst things you can do is over buy, buy players in key positions Gk,DC,MC and ST play a very narrow 4-51/4-3-3 with defensive wingers.
Leigh griffiths
james vaughan really good on fm 11 and quite cheap
yes a felloe qpr fan or at least plays as them but onto subject not sure but look at frees and loans if u dont have too much money
Jan Chun (most likely free at the beginning of second season, great young striker)
Server Jeparov (amazing, but may cost you around $3 million)
Ko-Yo Han (relatively cheap, only around $2 million)
Choi Tae Wook (no idea what he'd cost you, but great winger)
Yildiray Basturk (he can still play, it's surprising, but second season he deteriorates quite fast)
Javier Chevanton (to have a big name in your team, was free for me beginning of the second season)
Suk (amazing, amazing player. Insane scoring ability, and great talent, he's young and scores well. He was free for me second season at the beginning, amazing bargain)

A few of these (Jan Chun, Ko Yo-Han, Choi Tae-Wook) may or may not be in your game if you didn't load South Korea (always load South Korea, great players there).