Feb 4, 2011
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after 8 years and fighting relegation i decided to make my own tactic for Qpr.
I am now 4th and with many unknown players i am beating all the big teams.
thought i'd upload it for you to try.
This looks interesting. I am sure many users will love a tactic made for underdogs. ( or are you 8 years in the game with lots of newgens that are great?)

Anyway, have a look beneath where I have quoted the postingrules.


"The Tactic & Training Section
Here, we keep all threads containing uploaded tactics. If wanting to start a thread to share your fantastic tactic, please remember to provide information enough for anybody to actually benefit from the thread. Apart from the uploaded tactic, the thread needs to contain information regarding the formation, the roles, player requirements, the results and at least some reasoning behind the setup. Threads without sufficient information risk to get closed
Have a look at these threads for some inspiration for templates
4-1-2-3 Unbeatable Engine Exploiter by Hazza22299
Raikan007's New Possession tactic: Barca style "
8 years in with a team in the EPL is usually full of world class players by now and tactics are not a true reflection as they would be in the first :) that is probably why they are unknown as they are probably all regens :)

or did you restart with QPR and are now 4th in the first season using this tactic?
have mostley regans as qpr have no mney, only good player is sissko holding my midfield.
how do you take screen shots?
most of my players have been free or on loan.
i sound stupid but where do you find the screen shots once taken?
i sound stupid but where do you find the screen shots once taken?

Just read the thread linked to and you cant miss the info

it says..
(this will be saved in mydocs/sportsinteractive/fm12/screenshots)

Naturally, since we are now playing FM13, its in the FM13 folder