Queen's Park FC, Scottish 3rd Division and Beyond...


Sep 8, 2012
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Devlin's Disastrous Days is Back and Better than ever!

whats different:

Screenshots!, this time i have a decent enough laptop to play and post at the same time, so i can play the game, get the screenshot and get it on here quick as a flash!

More updates!, i have more time to get more game time and more updates out to you guys!

determination!, im determined to keep this save going, through thick and thin and even if i get sacked! i'll find a new club in the same game!


Get Promoted to Division 2 through league promotion playoff (teams finished 2nd-4th) or from winning it.

Build up a good squad, even though were amateur, get decent players through the youth ranks and keep them!

maybe even get a good enough manager to move on to a better club, and/or league

international management, i'd love to manage an international team!

So i'll see you soon for update no.1
July 2012!

bye guys thanks for following :)