Feb 20, 2010
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Hi all ;)

I love low league management and have always liked bringing a club from the bottom all the way to the biggest comps... Something I wanted to do with the Scottish side of Queens Park on FM11.

But... I'm in D1 right now after two promotions and still 'Amateur'! Even third division teams are semi-pro. I just learned that Queens is actualy a club who wants to stay amateur! Has someone got to pro status in the game though (without the use of editors)?

I k now it might be a challenge of its own but I don't see my side winning the CL on amateur contracts ;)
I have started with Queens Park, still in first season though in 4th place.

But if this happens to me aswell I would also like to know how to change it
As a fan I know they are the only amateur team in the Scottish main leagues, have you tried asking the board.
Hey Scouty, tx for the idea, I never thought you could ask that...

I just checked and the question about the club being other than amateur is grey (unclickable). So I guess they made it such as to respect the club's original mentality (They shall always be amateur).

Too bad for me, I'll be looking for a new challenge!
I just started a save with the and now that has put me off going them :S.
Sorry 'bout that Tam! It's my conclusion, but if someone got Pro, I'll be happy to continue my game.
I think you have to tie all the players down on full time contracts ?
You can only propose full time contracts once you're Pro
Queen's Park - history

"Tonight at half past eight o'clock a number of gentlemen met at No. 3 Eglinton Terrace for the purpose of forming a football club".
These words, taken from the minutes of a meeting held on July 9th 1867, heralded not only the birth of Queens Park F.C., but also the birth of Scottish Football itself. The game had been played in public schools with their own versions of the code but it was Queens Park who led the way in the establishment of Association Football rules in Scotland.

They were considered the masters of the game in the early days and did not concede a single goal for the first eight years of its existence. The club is steeped in tradition and history. At its outset it was decided that no player should ever receive a wage playing for Queens Park. To this day the rule holds and Queens Park's amateur status makes it quite unique in Scottish senior football.

The club also resisted the Scottish Football League in its early days, fearing the domination of the League would kill off smaller clubs. They even played in the English FA Cup, finishing runners-up to Blackburn Rovers in 1884 and 1885. In 1900 they finally joined the Scottish League for fear of falling behind. Although it is an amateur club now playing in the lower divisions of the Scottish Football League, Queen's Park still play at the magnificent 52,500 capacity Hampden Park.

The club's motto is
ludere causa ludendi
"the game, for the game's sake."

All of which is to say - You can't make 'em professional without editing the db. I guess it makes them the ultimate lower league management challenge.
All the more impressive if you win a major trophy with them then, I guess?