Question for elite players - getting over the £40m mark


Mar 25, 2013
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Here's a question that may not even be answerable. I've been playing this for ages now (approx 50 seasons total over 4 or 5 new games)

When you have a player (for example '22' years of age, SC, £40m value) how do you get them past that £40m mark?

Some of my star players sometimes go over to about £40.5m or even £41m but I can't find a way of getting them past that. I know it must be possible though as, in my game, Chelsea currently have a young lad on £45m.

I've tried putting their training up to 'intensive' on tactics, attacking, fitness and motivational but are there certain tactics to push their value up ie they MUST play every game etc or should, preseason, they be resting or going all out intensive.

My player is a 'Poacher' naturally so are there formations more suited to using a poacher?

any help would be appreciated
It can do a lot with the player's nationality, age, club playing for and league playing in. For example you may have the best player in the world in Holland but you will find his value won't go up as much as the league has a reputation rating in game and this will effect the price rating he can achieve. Similarly to his nationality though not as much if you have a Colombian the nation isn't regarded as being a top producer of talent so won't go in his favour in comparison to an English player.