Jun 30, 2013
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Is there anyway at all and i mean ANY way i can get lewandowski to stay at Dortmund. He's central to my team and he's such a decent player but it looks as though he will never have interest in signing a new contract, can anyone help??
I didn't manage to persuade him to stay in my save with BVB. So I have sold him to Chelsea for 40m.
I think you should try the same,for ex. Aubameyang can be very good replacement for him.
The only way to get him to stay is to use the Editor before you start a save.

His contract data (which can only be viewed using the Editor) has the "Will leave at end of contract" box ticked which can't be changed in game.

If you are already into a save, you'll either need to restart with his contract changed in the Editor or sell him ASAP to get some money for him.

FMRTE may be able to help, but I don't know how that works.
Best thing to do is sell him and sign someone to fill the hole