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Mar 2, 2024
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So i've had a idea for a playthrough, if i was to stick a long term transfer embargo on a club and play as that club would i still be able to sign my youth income every year?

see i'm a manchester united fan and am fed up of the big money spending and want to do a playthrough which a transfer embargo until way into the future that forces me to work on youth
Mhm... I believe it would work as youth intake is not considered a transfer but just giving a professional contract to one of your players. I also think renewal would work.

I've never played with an embargoed team, but if you test it out, please let us know!
Yes you are able to sign your youth intakes in a team with a transfer embargo.
I'm currently playing a save with Man.City with a 4 season embargo and relegation to the Vanarama leagues, youth intakes is all you get
i'm currently playing this, i've given united a transfer ban until Jul 2043, to counteracted that by clearing the debts and upgrading the training and youth recruitment, so far i'm 33 games into the premier league season and its not gone great i currently sit 9th in the table 3 points of european football, but i'm in the quater finals of the champions league, this has honestly been one of the funniest and most challenges i've played, injuries and poor form play more of a factor and i'm having to play players who aren't ready for this level of football
You'll make tons of cash in the following seasons with all those ready youngster 😂
little update on the save, i got sacked at the end of the first season, "poor performance" yes i finished 8th in the league, semi final of both cups but won the champions league, was called into a emergency meeting (never had that before) and sacked once season had ended, i'm now in charge of Dortmund with the intention of rebuilding my reputation and moving back to united in the future, they appointed Deigo Simeone to replace me and hes not faring much better current sittin 10th in the league