Question regarding "option to buy".


Sep 1, 2023
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First of all, sorry if my English isn't perfect, I'm not a native speaker. I've gotten back into fm22 and have started a career with my fav club in the 2nd Bundesliga. My clubs budget is quite tight but I managed to get rid of some high salary players and get some new prospects in.

Now towards my problem. I have a Striker on loan by default, and his option to buy is 4m. I don't have ANY money at the mid of season rn, winter transfer window about to start. My question now is: when can I trigger that clause? Do I get the new seasons budget beforehand at the end of season or do I need to buy him earlier or else he'll just get back to his club. Because if that's the case I'll need to liquidate a bit. If not I'll be Gucci cause the estimated budget for next season is above 4m and I haven't even relegated (yet).
You can trigger the clause at any time, untill the last day of the loan (if you have budget).