Apr 9, 2012
Reaction score
Well this one as always confused me and ive tried everything to figure this out with no luck whatsoever, When im on expired players i cannot see the likes of gilberto silva, ronaldinho but when i type there name in the search i can find them and approach to sign (im in season 3 with low league team currently signed both of these) im just trying to figure out why before i bought them that there not showing up on the expired section (i checked this before purchase as i was confused as to why i never spotted them earlier)

Ive tried the obvious tricks of unselecting players that my assistant thinks will sign for me and this doesnt change the outcome. Id like to find more players like this but currently dont know why i cant unless i search the name which was out of total luck that i wanted to see if they was still playing

thanks for any help
Do you mean you searched the players name in the search bar in the top-right of the screen, or in the search bar where you select conditions such as contract expiring in 6 months.

If you searched in the top-right searchbar, it will be because your club doesn't have a high enough scouting knowledge, so you the player search won't show them (Think of it as your scouts have written down names and details of loads of different players, but they haven't written down Ronaldinho or Silva's name.)

The better scouts you have, and the more diverse range of scout nationalities/nation's player knowledge the better your scouting knowledge will be :)