Questions Regarding Team of Young Players


Jul 31, 2010
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Okay so I am a year into a game as Manchester City. My goal has been to use the ridiculous money that Man City throws at you in order to buy a bunch of really great young players that will eventually give me a team full of superstars.

Anyways, I am about to start the second season. I still have pretty much all the best Man City players you start with but I also have bought Neymar, Lukaku, Paulo Henrique, Moussa Sissoko, Gareth Bale, Giorgio Chiellini, and Pepe.

As of now, my gameplan is to use my team's incredible depth to do well, so all the players are on a rotation where they all start somewhere between 1/3 and 2/3 of matches. Eventually, though, I plan for my primary starting 11 to be the following:

Joe Hart (though I might buy Adler or Neuer next year)
Jerome Boateng
Giorgio Chiellini
Gareth Bale
Moussa Sissoko
Paulo Henrique
David Silva
Mario Balotelli

Most of these players are really young players with extremely high potential that they are not yet that close to reaching. So in my mind, my plan to field that starting 11 in a few years and have it be unstoppable is a good one.

However, I am wondering if this will, in fact, work out. I have a fair bit of FM experience, but only on demos (I just bought FM2011 this week though) so I've never had to make a long term plan before. I have a lot of questions about how it will work:

Are those players definitely going to meet their potential? What am I supposed to do to make them develop properly? Should I be playing them a lot now or not? Are they going to meet their potentials at radically different times even though they are mostly players of similar age? At what age do players tend to hit their peak? Does that depend on their position?

Basically, now that I have all those players, how can I maximize the success I get from that in the future?
Depends how much time you're willing to invest. For starters, players should get at least a position-specific training schedule (there's a bunch of them around the site to download, couldn't really tell you which is better). Personally, I just make an individual training schedule for each player under 25 usually, and revise them at the start of the new season.
Tutoring from older squad players also helps out a lot.

As far as potential, the only one that might not reach it is Lukaku, as he's younger and needs far more nurturing than the others. The rest of the team seem perfectly able to be starters right away (especially since you've gone through one season already).

This thread might help you some more about training young players.