Ramsay held at gunpoint by gangsters


May 17, 2010
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Ramsay held at gunpoint by gangsters

Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay was doused in petrol and held at gunpoint as he tried to uncover the dark world of illegal shark fin trading for a new TV show.

Was going to check my emails on yahoo and saw this and was shocked. Very extreme but Ramsey's own fault for trying to uncover things that could endanger his life. Good thing he wasn't hurt.
Wow. Although to be fair, if you tried to shoot Ramsay in the face the bullet would just get wedged in one of his wrinkles...
Oh I thought this was Aaron Ramsey , couldn't care less about Gordon Ramsey
his own fault for messing with these people
Though this was going to be Aaron Ramsey based on title, wanted to make a joke involving Nile "Gangsta first, footballer second" Ranger :'(
Thank God that wasn't Aaron Ramsey.. Unlucky Gordon. LOL
Thought this was about Aaron, maybe this will teach gordon to stop swearing all the ****** time
I guess Gangsters with guns are passionate about illegal shark fin trading
Surprised it wasn't Aaron Ramsey - taking into consideration where he's on loan at the minute...
I bet they got a lesson in English swear words, their vocabulary will now be at unprecedented levels and be the jealousy of all their gangster friends.
nothing like blaming the victim for trying to do something good.... oO)
Jeepers... I was worried Wales's young football star might of sustained further injury, who gives a toss about Gordon, hes just a rude arrogant ******. Couldnt of happened to a nicer bloke to be fair.