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Mar 24, 2013
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Rangers FC

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Rangers FC, formed in 1872, was the first football team to win more than 50 league titles, currently 54. Rivals to Celtic, Rangers are a Scottish club based in the city of Glasgow. They have won 54 league titles, 33 Scottish Cups, 27 Scottish League Cups, and 1 Drybrough Cup. They have won the UEFA Cup once in 1972 and have came runners-up in it in 2008 before getting beat 2-0 to Zenit in Manchester. Rangers were the first British side to reach a European final after reaching the final of the Cup Winners Cup in 1961, however they were beaten by ACF Fiorentina.

The Game

When I started I chose only Scotland as the staring nation and played on a 'medium' sized database, and use the default database.

The Squad

Despite the small transfer budget, I would recommend loaning as much players as you can. The only starting players I would recommend are David Templeton, Neil Alexander, Lee McCulloch (who retired for me after winning the Second Division and is now a coach), and maybe Fransisco Sandaza as a sub.


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I usually put all of the available budget into wages and then just loan players or sign free players. Players to definitely loan are Aaron Martin (Southampton), Clint Hill (QPR), Leon Osman (Everton, sometimes he won't join), Adam Coombes (Chelsea), and then just look for other players. I would also possibly get Jan Alwick (Newcastle) if you don't want to play Alexander because Alexander can make some really stupid mistakes. Free agents really depends on who is around at the time. Agents will sometimes offer you free agents. Compile a scout report on them and if it says ______ would be a quality signing, _______ would be regarded as an important first team player should you decide to sign them, _______ should be regarded as a definite purchase, or _______ believes you should sign ________ whatever the price then you should get them. Anything else and I would just let them go.


Lee Wallace: £2.2m or more.
He is a great player however, you should get the money whilst you can and other players can take his place.
Barrie McKay: 75k or more. Although he is a promising young player he isn't likely to become a superstar. Every time I have started a game with Rangers, Hibernian have signed McKay right at the start of the game.


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I use this all the time and I am currently in the First Division.


  • Go into talk to board straight away and try to find a feeder club
  • Loan out loads of your youth as Rangers have loads of good young players.

Staff Responsibilities

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Hope you enjoyed or this helped you.^^)