Rangers & Hearts' final-day clash


Mar 8, 2006
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The race for Scotland's second Champions League qualification spot is set to go right to the wire after the SPL confirmed post-split fixtures.

Rangers & Hearts will face each other at Ibrox in the last game of the season

Rangers' Fixtures

Aberdeen (H)
Celtic (A)
Kilmarnock (A)
Hibernian (A)
Hearts (H)

Hearts' Fixtures

Kilmarnock (H)
Hibernian (A)
Celtic (H)
Aberdeen (H)
Rangers (A)

League Table

1 Celtic 33 57 85
2 Hearts 33 37 65
3 Rangers 33 25 62
4 Hibernian 33 11 52
5 Kilmarnock 33 3 51
6 Aberdeen 33 3 48
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Ive got a feeling Rangers will finish 2nd, ive had it all season TBH

Hopefully we will let Hearts beat us :D
Hopefully, We have the advantage it's up to us to win all our games and hopefully Celtic will beat Rangers.
well i think we can do it but hearts do have the advantage and they have a bigger goal diff too. we need to win all the games and hope hearts slip-up a few times.
shouldn't the game be played @ tynecastle cause the last hearts rangers game was at ibrox wasn't it?
Mikey B said:
shouldn't the game be played @ tynecastle cause the last hearts rangers game was at ibrox wasn't it?

No the last game we played was the 1-1 draw @ tynecastle
kl just wonderin because we've got aberdeen up there again and we just playedthem their on saturday so just wonderin if the SFA had mucked it up again. good luck in catchin hearts
Yea the split is alot of ****, I have been saying for years we need 20 teams in the league.
yeah a 20 team league would be gd but there would be a lot of **** games if u took the 1st 8 in the 1st division. Hamilton v celtic. Airdrie v Hibs. Hearts v Queen of the south. Rangers V Ross County. the spl would be a bigger farce than it already is but ourselfs and your mob would have a better chance of winning the league. the split is mince, get tae ****
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I Dunno the smaller clubs would be able to attract better players if in a better division.Ross County etc are good sides and eventually they ould get better.
pehaps but there would then only be 2 derbys a season, only 1 @ home and same with old firm games and these are the games most supporters look forward 2 most
I couldn’t agree more the split should be scraped and the league should have 20 teams.
i'm not sure about 20 but the split should be scrapped. i think we should have a 16-team league because i think some of the teams in the 1st r 2 mediocore to be in the SPL like airdrie. but if it was only 4 new teams from the 1st i think it would work