Rangers hit by new UEFA charge


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Oct 23, 2009
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Rangers have been hit by another charge from UEFA for alleged secterian chanting-but based on the report, from an unofficial body not from a UEFA delegate from Northern Ireland. The organisation being Football Against Racism in Europe.

Gers hit by new Uefa charge | Football News | Sky Sports

This strikes me as odd, as for starters the group isn't even official, and the UEFA delegtate who was present at the match, gave favourable reports. Surely, this report cannot even be considered by UEFA, based on an unaccountable body? Or am I missing something obvious?
From a neutral standpoint, I would assume that this would be appealed, and I would hope it would be successful, as the issue is dealing with reports based from UEFA officials, not an outside body.

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you're not missing anything. if there was a case to answer by rangers the first time, there isnt one here. Rangers should definitely fight this should get overturned. I dont care for Rangers at all, but its getting silly

I'd like to know what FARE have been doing about the other case, or are they just jumping on the bandwagon
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you're not missing anything. if there was a case to answer by rangers the first time, there isnt one here. Should get overturned

Would hope so. Hopefully such an organisation wouldn't be able to exert such an influence, and I hope common sense prevails, seeing that the clubs involved are already working very closely together to get the secterian chanting and abuse out of the grounds. And on top of that, there would be loss of much needed revenue aswell.
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Martin Bain is absolutely correct for a change. UEFA have ignored praise from their own inspectors, both of whom praised Rangers, to listen to an unofficial racism action group. The Scottish delegate in charge of this complaint is a Celtic supporter who went to both the home and away games of his own back and filed his own report. In the Tottenham case UEFA said there had to be a report by either their inspectors or by the police or they wouldn't even consider a complaint. This whole situation will embarrass UEFA when it is resolved.
And one last thought, Rangers probation period for these things ended two weeks ago, but these last minute reports by said Celtic supporter qualifies as in the period.
So why do you think this Celtic supporter has filed the claims 4 weeks after our last game in Europe under our 5 year probation ended. You can probably start to see it from Bain's point of view by now huh?

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UEFA alleged racist chant Tottenham Emmanuel Adebayor - Tottenham Hotspur News from football.co.uk
Spurs will not be charged unless UEFA receive official notification of an offence from stadium security or the police

Just shows you how the Bears are being singled out!
Thing is, what would happen (hypothetically) if UEFA decided instead, to act upon this? Would open a major can of worms. They may act to save face-and from major pressure from this group. No-one wants racism etc in football-it's stoneage behaviour for morons. But groups like this, should have no influence at all.
The Scottish delegate in charge of this complaint is a Celtic supporter
Proof? Even so it doesnt matter surly UEFA arent out to get Rangers?

How come when a Celtic support claims the SPL is against Celtic we are laughed at but when a Rangers supporter says UEFA biased against them everyone agrees? Im not trying to start a argument or insulting anybody, im just saying.
I dont believe UEFA are out to get Rangers, but they are out to get an easy target to make the right noises, and right now Rangers are one, on another day it could be Celtic, also I'd really love to see proof that this is a Celtic supporter, and that he has acted because of that, otherwise its just another ridiculous conspiracy theory
This is getting beyond a joke tbh. This isnt a dig at aberdeen, celtic or hearts but i dont see how celtic can sing pro ira songs, aberdeen fans can sing about the ibrox disaster and hearts fans can sing the billy boys and get away with it, im not defending the sectarian songs but i dont see why we are being singeled out, there is much worse goes on in europe too like that banner that was displayed at odemwingies old club, cant remember who it was, but they had a racist banner about him when he signed for WBA. Its more an act of defiance than anything else why they are still getting sung.
At the end of the day even though we are being picked out of a bunch of many problems their can't be any complaints about it lets be honest, Yes it's only a few songs but why do we need to sing them ? It just gets us into trouble now so lets just stop and it saves oru club from getting a bad name and stops us receiving fines and bans etc. Its going to end up we will just be chucked out europe completely Rangers fans need to get a grip and just cut it out. Don't give them a reason to single us out.