Rangers, in 1st division, looking for a couple of decent players


Jan 28, 2013
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Hi guys
new to the FM forum and just looking for a bit of advice, needing a few half decent players.
Currently i am rangers in the 1st division and have been flying, however lost my first game and my strikers don't seem to be firing on all cylinders even though they have scored a few goals here and there.
Currently my team is looking like this
GK. Neil Alexander, Liam Kelly, Alan Smith
RB. Anestis Argreyou, Darren Cole
LB. Lee Wallace, Josh Dummett
CB. Sebastian Faure, Luca Gasparratto, Chris Hegarty, Ross Perry
RM. David Templeton, Darren Ramsey
LM. Barry Douglas
CM. Andrew Shinnie, Ian Black, Lewis Mcloed, Fraiser aird
ST. Andrew Little, Leigh Griffiths, Jean-Marie Donglou, Ryan Wallace, Barrie McKay

I have a couple of guys that im trying to get rid of as they are on higher wages and not much better than what i have, Sandaza, Sheilds etc.

I really need a goalscoring forward for going in to the SPL, all the strikers have chipped in with goals but id expect them to be scoring more and id like a more experienced striker for going in to the SPL, any suggestions about cheap strikers, that are good finishers, i know hard to come by.
I would also like a more experienced center half and another goalkeeper as i think it is the only weak area in my team, if anyone has any suggestions, or players they have come across that can do a decent job then it would be much appreciated.
Picked up Gustav Svensson (DM) as a free transfer, he's been a revelation with a 7.70 average rating. But since you don't use a DM, that won't help you much.

I see you don't have Dorin Goian left in your team either, he's an absolute beast at CB. Go look for Henri Lotiés from PSG (picked him up on a free), he's bagged 17 goals in 14 apps so far this season as a striker (unless he's a regen, not sure about that).
when i got back into the spl benteke was transfer listed for 1.9m hes a monster in the spl ha
Chees Guys i will have a quick look, they sound pretty good. Im open to all suggestions, im thinking of getting rid of one of the center midfielders and you can mess about with your formations and tactics in the lower divisions.
How on earth did you manage to get Benteke, thats amazing, will keep my eye out for him

Cheers again
Because your a few season in now,Your better off just looking for decent regens from scandinavia in the u21s and u19s,thats what i did..pick up some amaziing players for a decent price!
Calum Paterson from Hearts is a player you should sign, partner him upfront with Barrie McKay and you're guaranteed plenty goals. Also look for regens all over the world by getting your scouts to search for players under 21.I signed a greek striker called Kostas Mitrogloe done well for me, pretty sure he was transfer listed and plays for Olympiakos.

Best policy would be to only sign youth and free agents where possible since you won't get a lot of transfer money till you get back into europe!