Sep 8, 2011
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Rangers Team Guide

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Club Name:

Rangers Football Club
Also known as ' The Gers '

Scottish Third Division

Founded In:

A long-standing rivalry with Celtic seeing as there the two Glasgow clubs.

Stadium Name:
Ibrox Stadium, Capacity of 51,082

Start of season expectations:
You start of with a transfer budget of £0 and a wage budget of £113k p/w. You are expected to win the Third Division.

Club Facilities and Overview:
Rangers have a very bid stadium which on the game holds a capacity of 50,987 people. This stadium is in ' Very Good ' condition and also has Under Soil Heating. You will have Top training facilities at your disposal alongside good youth and junior coaching facilities. Rangers also have Established youth recruitment.

Rangers biggest achievement would be them winning the 1972 European Cup Winners' Cup. They have also won the SPL 54 times, Scottish Cup 35 times and the League Cup 27 times.

Rangers Squad and Tactics:
Rangers have a very strong side that should win the Third,Second and First division without making any signings. However saying this the squad depth is poor so signing a few players on Loan each season would help alot.

As for Tactics Is it entirely up to you there is so many variations you could use for example your team would suit a 4-4-2, 3-5-2 and also a 4-2-2-2.

I would recommended keeping it simple for the 1st season just to get used to your team but when you rise up the league I would try to incorporate Raikans Might and Magic tactic into your side. Here is a example of my current tactic.

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Suggested Transfers:
In: Jason Koumas
- You can sign him on a free transfer and is very good backup for the whole of the midfield.​
Michael Keane - Young Man Utd centre back that can also play at Right Back, good first choice defender
however he could just be used as back up.
Danny Butterfield -A very good experienced right back that you can get on loan from Southampton
without paying any wages.

Out:I didnt sell noone as the depth is poor but feel free to do what you feel is right for your squad.

First season Expectations:

In your first season you should win the league and also maybe win the Challenge Cup, In my 1st season I won the league and the Scottish League Cup beating Celtic in the final but any trophy will do as it brings in some form of money.

NOTE: This is my 1st Team Guide so any positive feedback is appreciated but please do go lightly on me. If people like this I will make more and include pictures etc, but im still learning how to do that at the moment. Im now in my 3rd Rangers Season achieving back to back promotions along with one cup each season, I have now been taken over by a new owner that has started to clear most of the clubs debts.

Happy managing.​
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do you have any pictures or SS or anything? seems a little bare.. :)
I could get some pictures yes, do I just screenshot and upload ?
Two SS added, one of them isnt showing up so at the bottom of the guide there are two attachments of my tactic/player postions and the team instructions are on the other attachment
Rangers biggest achievement would be them coming Runners-up in the Euro Cup in 2008.

Sorry mate, our biggest achievement was winning the 1972 European Cup Winners' Cup
It did say something about that, but couldnt find the date haha, will update now
don't mean to nit pick at your thread mate, but Rangers have not won 45 league titles.

In domestic football Rangers have won more league titles and domestic trebles than any other club in the world, winning the league title 54 times, the Scottish Cup 33 times and the Scottish League Cup 27 times :)
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Wikipedia was lieing, also they have won the Scottish Cup 35 times according to football manager :)