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Rate yourself as a footballer in FM06 stats

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Okay, I thought this would be a nice idea. Note that I am not as arrogant as my made up stats may make you believe: this is how I rate myself at my level (pretty much). That means playing actual football for several hours with a bunch of friends every sunday.

Oh yeah, I always play as a striker and my left foot is pretty much just for walking

Corners 10
Crossing 11
Finishing 20
First touch 13
Free kicks 12
Heading 13
Long shots 14
Long Throws 6
Marking 13
Passing 12
Penalty taking 7
Tackling 10
Technique 10

Agression 10
Anticipation 15
Bravery 12
Composure 10
Concentration 10
Creativity 11
Decisions 9
Determination 14
Flair 9
Influence 10
Off the ball 16
Positioning 13
Teamwork 11
Workrate 15

Acceleration 20
Agility 8
Balance 9
Jumping 14
Nat. fitness 13
Pace 20
Stamina 16
Strength 20

Of course, if you reply with all 20's, you're a jackass.
Also, if someone knows a way to post their stats more compact, that would be nice.
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The trequartista
Oct 4, 2005
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I only get to play 5-a-side football once, sometimes twice a week at the JJB Soccerdome as i'm 21 and have other commitments, if I could play everyday again I would :( Some stats i'm usure of as rules change from 5-a-side to 11-a-side and I haven't played that since I was 16.

Corners N/A (don't have corners or throw in's in a court)
Crossing 11
Finishing 12
First touch 16
Free kicks 10
Heading N/A (the ball isn't alowed to go chest high)
Long shots 14
Long Throws N/A
Marking 14
Passing 18
Penalty taking 20
Tackling 19
Technique 14

Agression 20
Anticipation 14
Bravery 17
Composure 13
Concentration 12
Creativity 13
Decisions 17
Determination 20
Flair 7
Influence 7
Off the ball 11
Positioning 16
Teamwork 20
Workrate 16

Acceleration 16
Agility 8
Balance 9
Jumping 14
Nat. fitness 10
Pace 14
Stamina 13
Strength 14