Jul 8, 2010
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Sorry if this is old news, but I thought I'd share something I've only just found out. I've just taken over at Liverpool. The player that has consistently outshone everyone is Raul Meireles. He's scored with one of his long range rockets in almost every game so far, and is also leading in assists. He just seems to score for fun.
Yeah, he's a great player on the game. When I managed Liverpool he just couldn't stop scoring.
Well he's been scoring for fun IRL lately so
Yeah iv found him to chip in with a few goals for me on the game. What role do you use him as? I use him as an advanced playmaker in a cm slot as i have only one AMC and thats Gerrard. Always bags between 10 and 15 goals a season for me.
I wasn't sure how to play him at first. I just went by how he plays IRL, as box-to-box midfielder. There was one game where I forgot to change his settings, he was pretty much default CM and was still banging them in.
Last year? No, not entirely, 2 years ago he was immense, and in the world cup too, but last year he was upset because he wanted to leave, he only made 4 goals in 40 apps, and now he's made 5 goals in 27 apps, not to mention he has been playing 2 or 3 times better.

(Unless you are talking about in game, but logically he should become better since he was transfered do L'pool in game)

he was even better last year at Porto :)
this is the Fm11 player section pal, of course I am talking about in Fm :)
Yes I saw it, but people often put things in the wrong sections, and I responded instinctively . But I'm not sure if he was better last year than this one, if he was, it doesnt make sense, he's playing much better now than before.
in my liverpool save he scores pretty much everytime he shoots!
i play him as a box to box midfielder
he is top scorer so far with 7 goals and has 9 assists (is my corner taker though)
he is brilliant!
I played him as a dlp on support with equally successful results to what has been described, loads of assists, loads of long range goals. I never sold him in my Liverpool save, very important player for me - big part in helping me win the league on 120 points in the second season.
Since starting this thread he stopped playing so well for me. I generally had him as a box-to-box or DLP, but he stopped scoring. A lot of the time he didn't seem to have much space. I don't know if the opposition was told to close him down. Maybe I should have set my team up to give him more space. He probably scored 2 more goals the rest of the season.
For cont. 4 seasons, he was highest assists maker of EPl for me but then the game crashed.. :(
I play him as deep lying playmaker and moussa sissoko as box to box
both of them were scoring long range goals for fun!
Off topic - I tried West Ham as I figured Hitzlsperger could do the same thing, I'd even say he has better stats for long shots than Meireles, but for some reason it just didn't seem to work out for him.