Jan 30, 2013
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Re: Tactic for a very talented squad in second season

Hey everybody, I don't usually post on the forum, but I thought I would give it a go. First of all I'm not a noob to Football Manager, but I haven't been able to play on FM 13 much due to family commitments and don't have the time to create my own tactics as I have done in previous seasons.

Anyway here is the situation. I'm Everton and I'm in my second season. First season i finished 3rd in the EPL, won the League Cup and FA Cup in my first season, using Modern Warfare (thank you very much creator).

However, I prefer to play with wingers and now have a lot of top young attacking midfielders. I have Wellington Nem, Ross Barkley, Julian Draxler, Isco and Victor Fischer.

The only strikers I have are Kadlec and Ademilson, but they don't really play well as a pair in the 442.

I'm currently just over halfway through the season and I'm 3rd in the league. I don't think I'm getting the best out of my players though. In midfield I have Koke, Kara and Capoue.

I don't think my team is doing badly. I do think they can do better though and I just don't seem to be able to get the best out of Draxler and Isco. I've used a couple of different variations of 4-2-3-1 and thats the formation I'm currently using.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Hi mate, I'm probs a bit late with this but I wouldn't change anything. Changing your tactic halfway through the season can lead to disjointed performances, and you're third in the league! That's very good for Everton really, so I think you should stick with the same tactic and have faith that the improvements will come.
Are you players astute with the current tactics being used? Fluency etc is very important.
Hi, thanks for your replies guys.I have given up on the 4-2-3-1 now and sold the likes of Fischer, Wellington Nem and Isco. I'm using Nezza's Proud of 4-4-2 and it's doing wonders. I'm currently top of the Premier League after 19 games and qualified for the knockout stages of the Champions League.

My team were very young, but I think they are starting to mature and team look like they are absolutely flying at moment.