Nov 12, 2010
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If I start as Real Madrid, can I control Castilla too ? I would like Castilla to play with my tactics, so I gel the teams as much as possible. Another important thing that I'm interesed in, is if I can register some players for castilla, but play them in the first team. As many of you know, in Liga BBVA, you're not allowed to register more than 3 non-EU players. Is there any way I can manage that without use the editor ? (I prefer not to use the editor, cos it gives me the impresion that it's cheating). I thaught that if I register 3 non-EU players for Real Madrid, and 3 non-EU players for Castilla, I could play with 6 non-EU players in Liga BBVA ? Is this possible or I'm wrong ? Thanks in advance.
Another thing that bothers me is coaching. Are my Castilla players traind by my coaches ?
No, they don't get trained by your coaches. Sucks big time but they aren't really like a reserve team, they are more like an affiliate/feeder team that you can send your players to outside of transfer windows.

I would love to see them or Real Madrid 'C' be like a reserves in 2012