Really cannot get my head round football manager 13 yet


Feb 5, 2012
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Im still a fairly new player as i've only played fm12. However last year , I done a wolves save and done 15+ seasons winning the premier league , champions league , fa cup and much more. That was so enjoyable!

This game though , I can't seem to get one started. I do a few months then end up getting bored or getting hammered so much I end up quitting it.

I want a team like wolves in whom I can build up with a little bit of money but in the premier league as they were there last season.

Also if there are any tips on how to play fm13 it'll be useful. E.g/ best formation , what to look for in a player etc...

Also if there is any way to stop me getting bored so quickly:L Still haven't got to grips with the game yet and it's been out months/:
You need to do a lot morE adapting this year, plug and play doesnt work as well. say their fullback is 35 and pretty bad so you focus your attqcks through thete etc. and expect loses once in a while, sometimes game just ***** you
Southampton sound like a good side for you. But the changes from last game means you need to be more involved, just keep going.
I've just started a Southampton game and I'm really enjoying it, its only my second save on this FM so I like the challenge of trying to stay in the league. I have had a few terrible games but I just soldier on and adjust my tactics slightly to try and fix where the team is going wrong, but yeah some games are just not possible to win. (the game is out to get you)
Ive played a lot of FM's and FM2013 is by far the hardest yet, where before you could kind do a half assed job and still progress, now that doesn't happen. You have to consider yourtactics carefully and invest time in your squad. You cannot just click through and expect to win every game even with a good team. I struggled when I started and eventually realised I needed to invest this extra time (like a real manager would) in order to get the most out of my team.
Cheers Guys , will start a southampton save very soon.