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Really enjoying this year's Fm - giving advice to others

Dec 30, 2009
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Although I have seen a lot of people complain how it is more difficult etc I think this is the best one yet. Like most people I absolutely hate losing and going on a bad run is one of the most frustrating things at time but this year has taught me to have better communication with my players as I now praise/criticise them depending on form, hold team meetings regularly and actually attend press conferences now as I find this seriously helps to prolong a good run or help to get out of a slump. Also this year has actually made tactics fun for me because now I feel in more control. In previous years I found if you had a winning tactic your practically set for the season but I find myself changing things to nullify/counter the opposition for example being west ham and beating man city 2-1 away by playing 3 defensive midfielders to stop man city's 3 AMC's by playing on counter getting wingers to hug the touchline with the highest tempo and playing really narrow to congest the middle. Opposition instructions also need to be used more this year and watching their star AMC get marked out of the game is really rewarding as I previously just asked my assistant to do it. Is this the general opinion or do people find the opposite ? Also if you need any help countering teams or tactic help I'm more than willing to help, although by no means am I mourinh
Ps don't turn this into a fm13 vs previous years as there has been plenty of threads on this and I would just like to know how you counter other teams etc