Feb 9, 2011
Reaction score
Reasons im not playing well;

Being playing rubbish recently. Normally play 442, occassionly one of my other 2 formations. All bars are nearly full etc. I lost 3-0 twice but won 3-0 three times. 15th place, predicted 7th.

Staff not giving advice often enough and the reasons why?
Seems strange that my staff only give me advice when they feel like it, with regards to the next fixture.

Is it because i have so few staff, being at a small club?

Just seems 1 in 5 games they say something to help me in the next game.

The fact that i dont trust my assisstant manager with regards to who are the best players?
Why would i trust someone with rubbish player judgement? Im a very small/ low reputation club and cant get anyone decent in.

According to player history
When i arrived at the club, no player history at all, so i couldnt determine who is good or rubbish anyways. Doesnt give appearances or anything. It appeared that all my players have never played before lol. Is this the reason, combined with team gelling?

Next season (if im still at the club), will i will have a picture of who is good/rubbish by the player match ratings?

I cant figure what it is? I think its the last reason and the fact that my staff dont always say what the other team play well/struggle against. Can someone help me lol. To boil it down if you could answer these questions;

The less coaching staff you have, the less pre-match advice they give you?

Questions about the ratings/team gelling also and any other advice.