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Jan 25, 2011
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Liverpool's manager **** gets worse!

"Woy" has opted not to sign with Liverpool and to take a break from football.

Just as it looked to be on the up for Liverpool fans who said they felt "Justified" by the departure of both Rafa Benitez and of the "Dyabolical" owners Gillet and Hicks were delt another blow after it was announced that the club could start the pre-season without a manager. The clubs board members were quick to specify that they will be doing everything in there power to make sure that the club will have it's managerial situation sorted in the next 24 hours. The fans have so far taken everything the new board have said with the utmost confidence. When we asked the new owners about the possible replacement the only thing they said was :
"We will still look into all applicants with the exact amount of detail to make sure this club will continue to grow and go far."
So it looks like the board believe they can find the best possible candidate in only 24hours. We'll see if the saviours of Anfield will come true to there promise.

Who's Next?

Bookies see two Liverpool legends as joint favourites.

Ian Rush 3/1
Kenny Daglish 3/1
Juande Ramos 7/1
Steve Mclaren 12/1
Martin O'Neil 16/1


This is my first attempt at a story on this website hope you guys enjoy. I will be doing it with a mixture of First person and news reports. :)