Recommendations for signings when just promoted to Prem League in First season FM13


Nov 1, 2009
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Hi there
I've tried looking but I can't find anything this specific. I got Derby County promoted in my first fm13 season but I'm at a loss at what players are good investments for helping us to stay up through that first difficult season.
Thanks in advance for any help

Can try zaha or shelvey on loan, maybe try and buy Gary hooper if you can afford it
Depends on your budget. If you re aiming to stay in the division dont buy (only) youth.

Look to these players (if they come):

1) At cf a guy called Oliveira (plays at Penarol).
2) Ignacio Scocco (if you afford him he's a must).
3) Andres D' Alessandro (same as Scocco)
4) Mate Simao (a god at DM)L
5)ook at the transfer list or loan list but not for youths.
6) Youths who are worth it:

Sanchez Mino/Andia/G. Burdisso (Boca)/Bellusci/Fabbrini/Badu/Bertolacci/Paloschi.

And cheaper: Almeback/Alex Milosevic/Sorensen (Bologna)/Casarini (usually free)/Strandberg/Selnaes/T. Drage/Sassa (Botafogo youth 4.4m rel clause so can be bought only with instalments.

Look at Manumad's Box of Sweets thread mate or any of Raikan's
As was said above, D'Alessandro is quite cheap considering his ability. How much budget have you been given?
What tactic did you use to get in the premier league?