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Recommended Player Preferred Move by Position

Feb 12, 2013
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Choosing Player Roles | Football Manager 2013 Guide

The above link provides a list of player positions with their recommended PPMs & Attributes, and is incredibly useful. Click on a position and you will be presented with:

a) A description of the role.

b) A list of recommended Attributes and PPMs.

c) A brief tactical analysis of the role. (This is also worth looking at to help assess how best to utilise a specific player role within your team tactic).

I know others on this site have asked for this kind of information (useful as a Sticky here perhaps?), however this is the first time I have found a list of positions detailing PPMs - I've only seen it presented as a list of PPMs before (here http://www.guidetofootballmanager.com/players/preferred-moves).


I recommend you read both lists prior to starting any of your players off on learning PPMs. The second link above provides much greater detail of each PPM to help tailor PPMs to your individual players, whereas the first link provides a generalised list of PPMs by role.

- Not all players who play in the same role will be suited to all PPMs listed.
For example: 2 Attacking Midfielders - Player A has low Composure but good Finishing and Technique and is therefore trained with a PPM of Shoots with Power but NOT Places Shots. Player B has high Composure, Finishing and Technique and is therefore trained with Places Shots instead of Shoots with Power.

- Some PPMs are contradictory and should therefore NOT be learned together.
For example: "Dives into Tackles" and "Does Not Dive into Tackles".

- Some PPMs are only suitable based on a specific style of team tactic which you employ.
For example: "Stops Play" is only suitable with a Slow Tempo style.

- Some PPMs should only be used with compatible Player Instructions (and vice versa).
For example: "Cuts Inside" (PPM) combine with "Cuts Inside" (Player Instruction).
For example: "Cuts Inside" (PPM) does NOT combine with "Moves into Channels" (Player Instruction).

Obvious examples perhaps, and only used to demonstrate the point - there are much more subtle ones to find.

You will only discover which PPM to use and when by comparing BOTH lists.
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