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Nov 13, 2005
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hey ppls,
Just wondering what setup do you guys use. I started with huge database but when i applied the patch it got really slow for some reason dont kno y. So i started to use large. I pretty much have the main league england, italy and spain on full and other euro leagues eg holland, portugal etc on normal and some minor leagues like US, arge, bra and aus on basic. What do you guys use?
I have one league on small database. Normal detail.
I usually play with around 6 leagues and 2 nations
When I play on my PC i play with:

- 1 League
- 1 Nation
- Small database
- Normal detail

On my laptop i am currently using:

- 3 Leagues
- 2 Nations
- Small database
- Normal detail

Dragon the reason your game started going slow may be because you changed the detail level, maybe. Also can you please change your sig as it breaks the forum rules.
What Ram you got Sean, am guessing thts what effects the speed
When play on my Pc i play with 4 nations 12 leagues normal database and detail
Howie said:
What Ram you got Sean, am guessing thts what effects the speed
Yes RAM is one of the key factors. But the processor is crucial, mainly for when all the fixture processing is being done.
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