Records Thread: Upcoming?

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Jan 28, 2006
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Sean, if you could send me or post the template, I'll start a records thread and keep it updated
well played boozad, didnt think any1 was gonna bother
I'm pretty sure it has already been agreed that Kris is doing it and keeping t updated.
Kris suggested asking Sean for the template, I thought he may have been busy with the FM Base patch. Just trying to help out.
i though i probably get into the print screen doesnt work anyway:no: :no: and its doing my head in
Sean might nto be around for a week or two so don't expect the template anytime soon.

You could always just steal the source code from the old records page though. OR get someone with access to the FM-Base ftp to give you the files. Redders maybe?
Yeh for now just use the old page by right clicking here and saving it. Then just remove all the 2006 stuff. I'll sort out a way for you to upload it all in a few days, I'm a bit busy at the moment :thup:

that is if you still want to do it anyway :)
I will do it if Sean sorts out my ftp as i have forgot my password AGAIN
Nice one Kris, gotta admit Id forgotten about it over the weekend >_>
Or...if you want you can keep it upto date and just send me it on msn every time you update it then i shall upload it?
Sound mate I dont mind either way. I'll sort it with you on msn tomorrow night ;)
dunno, might as well wait til FM 08 :p
waiting on the booze sending me the sheet so i can upload it
I saved the page but couldnt edit it. I'll try again later bit rushed at the mo as I gotta fly to Germany tomorrow to uninstall a sim. I'll get it done ASAP though
Jermaine defoe got 41 goals for me last season duno if anyone has beat it but surely it will be top 3 if we are having the top 3 again, so i have saved it for when the records thread is ready :D
Any news on the thread, ive got some records to add :D
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