Recruitment: Searching for a Discord Community Manager

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Jan 7, 2011
Plymouth, United Kingdom
Hello everyone! About our discord server...

Our Discord server has grown rather quickly, sitting tidy at around 4,000 members and we've decided it needs a good old clean up and it needs to be run properly. There's a handful of active users but I feel like, in its current state, the server isn't able to thrive and grow to where it needs to be. It needs someone who has a little bit too much free time with a huge passion for cultivating a community.

I'm looking to bring someone in who really wants to absolutely own something, who really wants to make their mark on the Football Manager community. If that's you, carry on reading.

What do we want from our Discord Manager?
  • Build your own team
  • Minimalise the Discord server by scrapping pointless channels
  • Overhaul the existing structure and make a new tier/levelling system that encourages more activity
  • Work out a way to incorporate fun and engaging events into the server
  • Turn the server into an absolute passion project and pour your heart and soul into it
  • Obviously knowledge of Discord is essential
As for perks, we obviously can't offer you £40,000 per year but we can offer the following:
  • Recognition. Are you a streamer? A YouTuber? A blogger?
  • A free copy of Football Manager every year
  • Some kind of fancy coloured username here
  • You'll also probably make some new friends too
If you're interested, please get in touch with me here or on Discord.
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