Recruitment: Searching For A New Moderator!

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Nov 16, 2010
Hi All,

We at FM-Base are searching for a new forum mod! Could it be you?!

  • Play Football Manager (duh?)
  • Be active on the forum
  • Have a Discord account (You won't have to be on the FM-Base discord initially, but will need to join it if successful)
  • FM-Base forum account must be at least a year old
  • Ideally, but not required some experience in moderating, be it a different forum, twitch, or larger discord server.
  • Not part of the 75
General Tasks
  • Check and remove any spam
  • Discuss tactics, try them out and comment
  • Provide feedback and improvements
  • Upload tactics from the thread "tactics around the world" along into resources
  • Ensure things are civil and when required apply punishments
  • Catch rogue TFF agents
  • Answer questions in Technical Help

What's In-It For You?
The age-old question... Well there is no pay, but you do become part of the FM-Base staff, and have more of an impact on what happens. You'll also see changes and know generally exactly what is going on, but most importantly you get to be a bigger help to people; which is personally why I do it. I feel like I've become a bigger part of the community and I'm certain you can as well!

If you've read all that and now ready to apply, send me a private message with the subject "Moderator Position Application" with the reasons why you want to be a mod, and what you would bring to the team.

Closing Date is the 06/01/2020. Now passed.

We'll then review the applications and potentially ask further questions until we have one successful candidate.
If you don't hear back during this process, don't fear there will be other opportunities for you in the future so watch this space.
New Mod Announcement will be done within 2-4 weeks after that depending on the number of applications.

Any questions, feel free to ask me privately.
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