Feb 3, 2013
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Just thought i would post this for all those who doubt wether red cards ever get rescinded. Picture the scene its the league cup final im 1-0 to man city in the 72nd minute and have absolutley dominated them. All of a sudden i see in the top corner the red box of death, My keeper has been sent off!!!!! No highlight of it or anything (watching in key highlights mode) to make matters worse the next highlight is a penalty for the foul by my keeper which they score. Anyway i get to the end of the game watch the highlight and its clear as day that its nowhere near a foul or a penalty. so i appeal and it gets rescinded first time its ever happened to me! to clarify i scored an extra time winner or i would be spouting rubbish about how the game is fixed and s.i are out to get me...... lol!!!
I have had many red cards rescinded in over the years on FM. The best way to tell is to read the report after the game. Your most likely to see something like "...Hacked the player down with two feet!" or "he caught him with his elbow". Chances are you will never win an appear when the report says that. There are sometimes though when it says, "That never looked like a red card". They are the ones you are likely to get success on.
I normally dont bother appealing but because it didnt show me the incident i was interested to see what had happened. just from that i was pretty convinced it was no way a penalty. It looked as if the attacker made an awful touch then decided to do the leap of faith as the keeper came out !!!!!!
I used to get them rescinded all the time in previous versions of FM but i've never had one rescinded on FM2013 to the point I just stop appealing them. But good to know it can happen. Thanks for that Trinity, and well done on the cup win :D
i very rarely appeal, as others are said there are certain situations in which i do for example in the report the decision itself was questioned or whether the player is/isn't important too me!
As iamauser stated in his reply, you can easily tell whether or not it is worth appealing by what is stated in the news article. especially if there is a link to the highlight attached to the news article. I have had 2 redcards rescinded already. It is usually pretty clear not to appeal when it states something like "Player X aggressively tackeld player Y", you pretty much know your player is toast after that.