Aug 18, 2010
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Im playing with barca in the 16/17 season so theres been plenty of great regens to go thrue.
What i have noticed is, that every regen i ever train myself will have drops in there determination stat. Its the only stat that will drop if you look at all the regens and it will never ever increase... any other stats acts normal.
Can anyone shed some light on this?
If they're being tutored by players with lower determination, their determination will drop. Likewise, it can also increase with tutoring.
Determination might lower if you work them too hard as well
Ive just checked, and it doesnt seem to have anything to do with that...
Example; Aguero tutoring a regen - He has determination 20 and the regen had 17, it is still dropping...
The player is on a normal training schedule playing for U19 squad...

Forgot to mention, its the same with conentration...
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maybe he earns too much for his skills and gets lazy
Same thing happened to my regen, who had a 20 determination initially, but it has since dropped to an 18. The other stats are sky rocketing though.