Jun 11, 2013
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Will this Regen's lack of determination affect his progression
Yes, he will be bad in training, and in game he won't be inspired to come back when your team is behind. Get a senior to tutor him.. Even if the seniors determination is only like 14 it's still better than 8. Would be better if you could find a senior player with determination higher than 18.
yes, but he's only 18.. tutor him.. though you can find better regen than him
thanks guys im gonna pass on him and look for better regens

Will this Regen's lack of determination affect his progression

No, determination has nothing to do with training at all. It is a common belief that determination effects how hard they work in training, this is not true. Determination is an on the field attribute and effects how determined a player will be when the team go behind to get back into the match. Professionalism and Ambition is what effects training and progression and those stats are hidden. Often a player with high determination will have high ambition and professionalism, but a player with low determination does not necessarily have low ambition and professionalism.

Check his personality, that will give you an idea of his professionalism and ambition.
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Rich_genie said it all perfectly, Determination is a great "free" attribute to have but it does nothing towards training. You want it high because players will usually perform better in games which in return helps them develop which is possibly why people presume it works for training.

Find someone who has an ideal personality(High professionalism is a must, ambition is a bonus) they also tend to have high determination, then just tutor him.
If you're still not happy about his determination then just find someone with high determination to tutor him first then have the better professional tutor him after.