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Jan 7, 2009
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Unsure if this is posted in the wrong forum, but here goes :]

I've got a regen "Dubbed the next David Trezeguet"

I would love him to reach the full potential and do that, although I am unsure on the best way to progress this.

At the moment, I've got him in my U18 team, and he's dominating there 7 goals in 7 games with 4 assists.

He's far from ready to make the jump up to my first team however. Should I keep him in the U18s this season, then next season loan him out for some first team experience, or should I keep him in the reserves and stay on the training schedule, tutoring regimes?

i'd personally keep him at the club.
maybe give him the odd cup game?
last 10 mins when your winning confortably?
If they're getting a decent attribute increase in training and the attributes are nowhere near good enough for first team football, I keep them. If you think he's solid enough, or if somehow his progression has stalled a lot and you don't really have a good tutor around, then a loan is a good option.

That guy, specifically, I'd keep at the club at least one more season, he needs a lot of work still.
Get him to learn from the senior players, put him on a training regime for target men fowards, and after he finishes the tutoring process, loan him out to a club where he gets to play often for two seasons or so.
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