Oct 19, 2015
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When i was coaching a team ( random), i saw Le Havre, Munich Lion, Auxe, .... Provide a lot of wonderkid ( use Genie )

Then i start coaching Le Harve in 5 year, winning 1 Ligue 1 and update the facilities BUT it provide **** with highest PA is 150
Either, with Gelsenkitchen, Munich Lion, ....

Question is why they provide **** youth when i was playing ?

My dream is winning Champion league with all Club Homeground from the Nation !
It's randomly, I play with Monaco and with the best staff & center :
1rst year : Best PA = 160
2nd year : Best PA = 200

But I see an other club like "Le Havre, Sochaux, PSG, Freibourg, Crystal Palace..." with less structure than me can produce more good regen !

It's just a chance
Always happens to me, I find beast regens at clubs such as Barca, Dortmund, Bayern, etc. but when I manage a club with a youth academy of 18+ I always get 130PA at most. Guess it's just bad luck
how do you know the PA? or you just giving an example

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Live-editors, such as fmscout/fmrte. I think the ingame editor works too