Feb 3, 2013
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Hello everyone, I am playing as MUFC and have had great success with regens both bought and local.
In previous years i have been able to sign them up for nothing except compensation on their regen day but now in 2025 i find they always stay at their clubs even when i throw silly money at them
eg i offered a 5 star striker from Arsenal who was extremely interested in joining my team over 20k per week and 1 mil to sign up then a week later i see they have signed a precontract for 2k per week. What am i doing wrong?
Happens to me all the time, i just throw in another bid in and go from there.
Do you mean you then buy them for 10mil+? Because i no longer have the option to approach to sign once they sign a pre-contract on usually the same day.
the game wouldn't be fair if you could just go to any club and sign their top regens for free.
Still don't understand

Okay i know you can't get the regens for free, i used to be able to sign them on regen day for around 1 million pounds compensation.
Now even if i offer them huge wages and a massive signing on fee they still sign a precontract with their original club and so their clubs want a massive amount of money for them, we are talking about 15 year olds here, 1 million pounds compensation is fair, 10 million plus for a transfer is ridiculous.
Can anyone say why it is that i can no longer sign up regens on regen day for compensation only please?