May 4, 2010
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I'm creating a new league system in the editor and seem to be very confused when it comes to regional leagues. Surely if you either have a boundary or set each team to a region then there could be too many teams that are going in to one league and not enough into the other. For example if you split in to a north and south league and say 2 teams get relegated from the national league and then the champions of the north and south leagues get promoted. What happens if the two that get relegated are both teams for the south region.

Any advice would be appreciated.
If four teams come down from BSP and there all southern the two most southern will go in BSS the other two in BSN
Scotland. Another problem is that I want to split into 3 regions.
FM as gps to know that?

Well that's how it's worked on my game, and yes it does know where each place is hence it comes up with how many miles you have to travel in European games
When you create a club you have to say which city it is in (roughly), and all the cities on the game have co-ordinates...

Stadiums have coordinates as well. If you are trying to input these coordinates yourself in the editor (say you make a city or stadium) I have always used google maps to get the decimal locations. Just right click the map, select "whats here?" and the map bar will display the decimal coordinates.