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Removing all kits - leaving default - HELP PLZ!

Feb 12, 2012
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I have had this problem in fm 2012 and now the same in 2013, I hope I can explain it.

I wanted not to have real kits (not the match 3d engine ones the 2d ones displayed on team info screens`) to go away - as I was spending far too much time editing and changing these for teams instead of playing the actual game (I think I have OCD in that respect!)

So I wanted to just have the 'default' kits displayed, like the plain ones you see in the editor (like the premier league ones when you first install the game).

Now...I removed all the 'real' kits from the graphics.fmf file, re-created it, and it worked fine!...except for the odd team's kits, for example every championship team in fm 2012 had their kits reverted to default - apart from the Southampton away - or the Udinese home kit, or the Bordeaux away!

The same has happened in FM 2013 - not for the same teams (now its Lyon home etc.)

its driven me mad! I cannot for the life of me find where these kits could possibly be coming from! please help me someone!