Jul 22, 2010
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On Fm11 are the reputaions realistic, Say i keep Blackpool in Prem and make them mid table winning no trophies would a bigger club come in for me, Or do you need to win trophies to boost your Rep. Also if a team want you do they offer you the job or do you have to apply?
Someone answer both questions please
it all depends on what u win, who with and stuff like that......i had one season with man utd on fm 10 and i got offered jobs by brazil, fiorentina, sevilla and liverpool just for winning the prem and fa cup
I think he means does his reputation increase if he just does well with a lower-league club rather than just winning trophies. If he finished mid-table with Blackpool , that is still a good achievement but FM might not see it that way.
Yeah it is possible, a couple of season of progressing with Bolton (without the title) iwas being offered jobs from numberous clubs but i always rejected them and eventually i did win the title;)
got offered Chelsea job just because i winned the fa cup with Leeds United on my 2nd Season
I got offered the Arsenal and Tottenham jobs when I was Bradford manager. I hadn't won anything but had got 3 promotions.
Job offers also depend on the league reputation. For example, I've got World Class reputation, World Cup Quarter finalists [with Cameroon before I resigned], but because I'm in the SPL, Holland, England [the big national teams] won't take me on because I'm only seen as World Class at that level.
I'm managing Birmingham City..

Won FA cup and qualify for EURO cup.. and is currently challenging for premier league title in the second season. Few months into the second season I got offered AC Milan job..