Reserve team to First team


Apr 15, 2013
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Hi everyone :)
i would like to ask a question.

I made a transfer but my squad was full with 36 player. And transfer gone to reserve team ... İ sent some players on loan to other club; but i cannt promote my new transfer to my first team ...

How can i do???
Yeah you need to demote a player down to promote a player up. Best thing is to demote loaned out players.
I make a point of clearing out the **** and unused as players fall by the wayside due to new transfers etc.

When I'm half way through a season (late december time) I go to my first team and put them in order of 'appearances' any that haven't been used in the first half of the season get demoted to the reserves - this means you don't have to take pity on them and give them a game when they start moaning about not getting selected too.

Bear in mind most players often don't seem to mind being demoted but they do seem to take offence at sitting in the first team and never being selected.

At the end of the season any you haven't used click on them and click 'offer to clubs' DONT immediately confirm - see what your assistant manager says on the matter - if it says they are 'expendable' or a fringe player go back - set their transfer status to transfer listed and then offer to clubs.

When you get a lot of money offer contracts to your blanked out reserve team players - these are your homegrown investment for the future. Get them loaned out for a few seasons - if they're not good enough to join your first team after that flog them on.

Also, when you have got your training facilities with the status 'Superb with a youth academy' you will get notified of new youth players joining your team - again loan them, try them out, keep or flog, repeat!