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Apr 16, 2013
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In my save i went to Almere city (2017 ish). They were predicted to fight regulation in the jupiler league, the lowest class possible in the netherlands. I did pretty good and ended 4th but lost first match in the play-offs sadly enough.

Anyways, the problem i have is that I don't have a reserve team. As I'm building a young team, and they're pretty incosistant, and i want them to be able to play alot, but when i put them in my reserve there just are no matches.

I guess it's because my reserve team is called FC Omniworld (Almere Amateurs). And i think in RL they're a club in the same province. So i was hoping after i got 4th in the jupiler league i would get invited for the reserve league, but nothing happened.

You guys know how to start a reserve team?

(btw i have enough players on contract to have a reserve team, just don't get the option to play in a league)
If you didn't get the option at the start of the season for a reserve league I think you have to wait to be invited.
Also it could be that your team aren't in the reserve league IRL.
You can set up reserve friendlies, so I would just do that until the board allows you to enter a reserve league.