Feb 2, 2010
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ive currently got a good youth team but most of them play in the reserves every week because ive got no reserves or got them all loaned out, which players should i loan out and does it matter how my youth and reserves are doing to how there stats go up?
TBH, I couldn't care less about my reserves... I treat my reserves as a transition team where those who aren't good enough for the first team go above the age of 18... while I keep anyone below the age of 18 in my youth...

Besides, if good enough, some u18 gets picked automatically to play in the reserves if you have a manager for reserves...

I only have about 6 players in my reserves, they're all over 18 and aren't good enough or ready to play for the senior squad, and when reserve matches take place, the reserve manager picks some u18 in to place.
yeah but would you let them go out on players who are just about to turn 19 or would they progress better in my reserves