Jan 17, 2009
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does anyone know how to restore the confirmation prompts before a game? the ones that ask to click yes or no if you are sure this is the squad you want before you enter a game.
I accidentally checked the disable box when it came up before a game and now i can't get it up. i can't find it in the preferences.

I like it because sometimes i double clik the submit team by mistake and it asks me to confirm before i enter the game. Just in case i wanted to make any alterations to my squad before starting a game.

Now i can't do that. Once i click submit team it goes to the match (no more confirmation)
48 views and no reply? wow ok. anyways i found out how to do it.

go to preferences--> under interface click more interface settings--> look under Misc and click reset confirmation dialog
Thank you was wondering how this could happen as I accidentally clicked the button for releasing player so for ages I didn't know the amount of compensation thank you