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Mar 10, 2011
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Restoring the Nerazzurri

(*Note: I am playing with the latest LFC Marshalls update)

My mission, will be to restore Inter to their former glory. Seeing as they get relegated to the Serie B quite a lot on my saves, I can see this becoming a fun save. Also their finances are pretty bad, even though they're classed as 'Rich' on Marshalls update, their finances aren't as good as they seem to be, having a debt of ?394m.

Club Overview:

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As you can see, the club is in a lot of debt. Inter are a club with a proud history, having won the numerous trophies, including: Serie A (18 times), Champions League (3 times), Coppa Italia (7 times) and quite a lot of other trophies. However, with the recent domination of Juventus, and Inter's troubled finances, they've found them selves tumbling down the Serie A league table, latest finishing 6th (Going by in-game history).


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The club has some great facilities, however I will still be looking to improving them. Especially the youth facilities, as youth is a very important part of my long term plan for the club. Junior Coaching and Youth Recruitment are the only areas with immediate need of attention.


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The finances don't look as bad, but with a ?394m bank loan, that needs to be paid off by 2045 (Provided we don't get a takeover), this could cause us some trouble. Transfer & Wage budget needs to be kept a close eye on.


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There is a great amount of squad depth, however I will be unloading some of the players that have a high wage, and won't be getting a lot of game time.

Transfer Targets:

With a squad this size, I don't see the reason to buy a lot of players. Should there however be a bargain out there, I will pursue it. Also, only having a ?10m transfer budget is not much to work with.

First Season Personal Aims:

-Qualify for the Champions League
- Win Coppa Italia

Next up: Pre-season fixtures and results.