Resurrection of Il Toro


Dec 20, 2016

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Taking over Torino FC

Today Torino FC announced their new manager,
Goran "The Dragon" Dragic.

This will my first manager story from FM 16, but I did previously post few stories from FM 14 and FM 13. Lets see where this road will take us.

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Dec 20, 2016
So it begins......

Here we go!

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Torino FC is lost Giant among Italian clubs. It has won many trophies in its history, unfortunately its last major trophy was won in 1993.

Serie A winners(7): 1927–28, 1942–43, 1945–46, 1946–47, 1947–48, 1948–49, 1975–76
Coppa Italia(5): 1935–36, 1942–43, 1967–68, 1970–71, 1992–93
Supercoppa Italiana: 1993

Quick history lesson:
Torino FC was founded in 1906 as Football club Torino. The first attempt to win Italian championship in 1915 was denied by the start of World War 1. In that momemnt Torino were in 2. position 2 points behing Genoa and 1 game left, which they played with Genoa in straight head-to-head battle for championship.
After the war they struggled with loss of many young players in great war, but managed to win their first Scudetto in 1927. However just few days later, their championship was revoked for the alleged bribery on derby with Juventus. The very next season Torino FC won another Scudetto with historic wins like 11-0 against Napoli and 14-0 against Reggianna. In the early 30s Torino was allways in top half but never champion again until 1942-1943 season. This win marked the start of Grande Torino. Grande Torino was Italian work horse in football right after the war. They were backbone of Italian national team with at one moment 10 players simultaneously in the Azzurri and managed to won first 4 Scudetto`s after 2 World War. Grande Torino era abruptly ended in a plane crash on 4th May 1949. Torino FC lost all first team and second team player together with many officials. After that tragedy team struggled to achieve any good result and were relegated to Serie B in 1959. They returned after one season and started their climb towards top. In 1965 the finished 3rd. They remained one of the stars of Serie A through late 60s with Coppa italia wins in 1968 and 1971. In 1975-1976 Torino won its first Scudetto after Grande Torino and also its last in history. In late 70s and early 80s they remained a top team in Italy allways finishing in Top 10, but were unable to repeat previous results. After 1988-1989 Torino FC were relegated to Serie B but returned after only one season and began their rapid advance towards top teams in Serie A. They qualified to Uefa cup in 1990-1991 season and next season they were almost unsttopable in Uefa cup reaching the final where the were defeated by Ajax. After that they added Coppa Italia to their trophy list in 1993. After that year team started to decline and were relegated to Serie B in 2000. The team returned to Serie A next season but struggled. In 2005 Torino FC announced bankruptcy and ceased to exist. The new club was founded in 2006 and succeded Torino FC as their heir and returned to Serie A in 2007. However in recent history Torino FC struggled to impress with many ventures in and od of Serie A to Serie B and otherwise.

My expectations:

Season 1 & 2:
-> Challenge Top teams in Serie A, finish above 6th position.
-> Qualify for European football

Season 3+:
> Top 4 finish
-> Champions League Last 16
-> Have at least 3 players in National Team



Dec 20, 2016
First day on a hot seat....

Lets se what awaits for us in Torino FC

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We went for 4-4-2 formation.
We wont play the best football but we will play hard.

Just few days after I took over the club we allready play first friendly, against Lega PRO club AlbinoLeffe where we will teas our team.

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This is our current line up, but we can expect some departures soon as Nikola Maksimovic allready asked to leave and we are close on to seal a deal with Chelsea.​


Dec 20, 2016
Deep into pre season...

Unfortunately I had some problems with my computer and I lost my Torino save. I was really angry since I was allready 3 games into Serie A with 2 wins against Palermo (1-0) and Chievo (2-1) and a goalles draw against Fiorentian. Nevertheless I really enjoyed my short spell in Torino so I decided to re do my Torino FC spell. Lets see what I did different.

Pre Season

So here we go. We started our Torino career with first friendlies allready behind us.

Friendly games:

Game 1

Torino FC 5 - 0 Albalonga
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Great victory from my players against Serie D opponent. Hattrick from young Belotti on his first game for Torino.

Game 2

Spezia 2 - 0 Torino FC

Catellani 8`
Rossi 63`

Very bad performance from Torino FC squad. Partialy it is my fault as I was experimenting with tactis against very good Serie B opponent and I was punished, but performance from my players was under what is expected from them.

Game 3

Torino FC 4 - 0 Novara
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Fantastic performance against Serie B team from my players who controled the game from first minute to last whistle and another great performance form young belotti who scored twice.

Game 4

Torino FC 2 - 0 Savona
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Few changes in first eleven were made prior to the game against Serie C/B team. Zuculini, Maxi, Barba, Moretti, Prcic and Maicon were selected in starting line up. Savona pulled great defensive performance and their goalkepper managed to stop most of our shots. Nevertheles we scored twice and overall it was a great game from our players.

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Gino Peruzzi - 3,0m€ from Boca Juniors
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Fantastic bargain for 23-years old right back. We can expect large minutes for this talented young player.

Frederico Barba - 4,25m€ from Empoli
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Young Barba arrived as a replacement for departet Maksimovic. We can expect first team line up from young player.

Bruno Zuculini - 2,2m€ from Manchester city
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Younger brother of more known Franco Zuculini has arrived from Manchester City and will Improve our censtral midfield options.

Macion - 0,95m€ from Livorno
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This young and talented 22 years old Right Back will act as a back up to Peruzzi on right back position.


Nikola Maksimovic - 23m€ to Chelsea
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Before I even entered club facilities for the first time Nikola was allready asking for a transfer following interest from Chelsea, Liverpool, Schalke 04 and Porto. Chelsea were most generous with offer of 23m€ and he was off to England`s Premier league.

Alessandro Gazzi - 0,85m€ to Stade Rennes
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This 32 years old veteran was sold after Zuculini signed. As there was no place for him in Torino squad and Rennes offer was a good he was off to France.

Christian Molinaro - 0,75m€ to Celtic
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With Avelar my first choice on Left Back and young Baston Silva and veteran Emilio Moretti as back ups Moinaro was left without place in Torino FC and was sold to Celtic.

Giuseppe Vives - 0,55m€ to Sassuolo
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Another central midfielder found himself without spot in Torino squad after Zuculini arrival and was ofloaded to fellow Serie A contenders Sassuolo.

Amauri - 0,35m€ to En Avant de Guingamp
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This 35 years old veteran who prevously played for Parma, Chievo, Palermo, Fiorentina and also Juventus found himself without a spot in Torino squad as Maxi and Martinez proved to be more than decent backups for striker positions and was offloaded to Ligue 1 where he is expected to net more goals.

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Dec 20, 2016
So far so good!

While we are allready cruising well into the Serie A, let us pick up where we left last time.

After forth friendly game in July against Serie B team Novara we played two more in August against fellow Serie A teams Chievo and AC Milan.

Game 5

Chievo 2 - 0 Torino Fc

Birsa 3`, 67`

Bad performance from Torino players. My fellow citizen Birsa scored twice.

Game 6

AC Milan 1 - 0 Torino Fc
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Alot better show from my guys, although we lost we managed to compete with Milan players and were not completely blown of the pitch.

Italian Cup 3rd qulification round

Torino Fc 3 -1 Spezia
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Quick hatttrick from Quagliarella secured us victory after only 18 minutes of game. We dominated the game and could score more but the ball was determined not to enter the goal anymore.

Before we start with our Serie A 2015/2016 campaign, lets check what team will take us on hellride.

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With tactics:
View attachment 113512

Lets kick off with Round 1 of 2015/2016 Serie A season.
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Round 1
Off we go. We play away against Atalanta.
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Not a bad start into our first season. Unfortunately we missed to score more goals, although we were dominating the pitch all 90 minutes. Atalanta managed to score from its only shot on target.

Round 2
First home game at Olimpico for many players in Torino Fc squad against Bologna.
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Great performance from veteran Quagliarela who made sure 3 points will stay at Olimpico. Again we were dictating tempo and we were unlucky to score more. Overall great game from my team.

Round 3
Fiorentina awaits for us at ther fearsome Artemio Franchi stadium.
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Decent performance from Torino team but Fiorentina managed to score late equalizer to prevent from loosing points at home.

Round 4
We travel home from Firenze to train hard for an upcoming fixture against Udinesse.
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Great game and fantastic performance from my guys. With both strikers scoring we cant be unhappy.

Round 5
After securing 8th point and taking 4th game unbeated we head to Genoa.
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Genoa took an early lead by goal from Tino Costa and we struggled to find route to goal for the rest of 1st half. In second half new atacking and more detirmined Torino came on pitch. It all payed off when belotti scored an equalizer in 56` minute. Although we tried to secure a win, nothing came from it and we split points with Genoa.

After 5 games we are higher up the table than I expected us to be, but nevertheless we wont and cant stop to rest. Fierces battles await for us in the future, with game against Lazio first.

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Although we are allready deeply into September there was all of August and alot of transfer activity in and around Torino Fc.


Achraf Lazaar - 12,5m€ from Palermo
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Big gamble, paying huge amount for young 23 years old player. I am not fond of paying huge amounts of money for any kind of player, but somehow I just couldnt resist. I have been chasing Lazaar signature from early in July and I finally got him so somehow I decided to proceed with transfer and gamble. Maybe he will produce great numbers for Torino or maybe he will be another flop in Torino history.

Lazaar was our only incoming transfer of August.


Gaston Silva - 0,7m€ to OGC Nice

Moretti positively surprised me during pre season and managed to secure himself first eleven with Danilo Avelar coming behind him, there was no playce for young Silva in Torino. As I was chasing Lazaar for his signature I was hoping for some serious cash from Silva but tha didnt happen. Nevertheless we managed to struck a nice deal of 700k€ plus 200k€ payed over 12 months and 20% of future selling fee.

Vasyl Prima - Loaned to Las Palmas

24 years old Ukrainian defender/defensive midfielder was loaned to Spanish side Las Palmas. After arrival of Zuculini for midfield and Barba for defense he was not in my plans. A future fee of 300.000€ was also part of loan deal.

Francesco Giraudo - Loaned to Lumezzane

Young 17 years old left back was loaned to Lumezzane where he is to act as a key player for ambitious SerieC/A team.

Salvador Ichazo - Loaned to Estoril

This 23 years old goalkepper found himself lost behind Padelli and Castellazi. Nevertheless he is in my plans for future as either 1st goalkepper in case of Padelli early departure or as 2nd in case of Castellazi early retirement. Nevertheless he could use some playing time this season, one he could not get in Torino he will get in Estoril in Portugese premier division.

View attachment 113503

More detailed transfer history.

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Dec 20, 2016
Don`t mess with The Bull!

Torino Fc extends contract with two key players, Kamil Glik and Bruno Peres. Both captain and Serie A best assistant respectively extended their stay at Olimpico. Both players extended their contracts until 2020.

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Round 6
Torino 3-2 Lazio
View attachment 112983

Great performance from Torino players. Glik opened after great pass from Quagliarella, followed by two great goals from veteran Quagliarella. In second half Lazio managed to score two goals but it was to late, 3 points will stay at Olimpico.

Round 7
Verona 1-4 Torino

View attachment 112982

Another great performance from Quagliarella who scored two. Verona managed to come close with goal from Gomez in 73` minute, but Glik and Martinez, later replaced Quagliarella managed to score in last 10 minutes and made sure no points will stay in Verona

Round 8
Torino 1-1 AC Milan
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Although we played without Baselli and Acquah, Prcic and Benassi managed to hold the midfield together. Honda scored for Milan lead, but Benassi equalized 10 minutes later. In second half Milan was on full attack, with Torino playing on counter attacks but the result remained the same. Fair draw at Olimpico as Torino extends their unbeatable streak at 8 matches.

Round 9
Torino 4-2 Carpi
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Great victory against Serie A newcomers, We`ve led 3-0 and 4-1 but Carpi managed to score to maintain 2 goals difference. Another great performance from Quagliarella who scored two.

Round 10
Empoli 1-1 Torino

Quagliarella 51`
Maccarone 84`

Late equalizer from veteran Maccarone ensured points split. Empoli were dominating team on the pitch and I believe we can be happy with stealing a point there.

Round 11
Torino 1-0 Frosinone
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Important victory against only 17th Frosinone, although they are so low, they have an incredible defense with only 7 goals conceded in 10 games. Belotti scored the only goal. We continue our undefeated streak, now on 11 games.
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11 games undefeated.

Round 12
Sassuolo 2-3 Torino
View attachment 112978

Another great performance from Quagliearella. 4 goals in great first half, with only goal from Quagliarella in second half to secure 3 points for Torino.

Round 13
Torino 2-0 Napoli
View attachment 112977

Fantastic victory against Napoli. Peres opened with great shot from 20 metres in 18` minute and Quagliarella closed with goal on 82` minute.

Round 14
Sampdoria 2-2 Torino
View attachment 112976
We were twice up ahead but Sampdoria managed a comeback every time. And equaly good game from both teams with draw most fair. We are now undefeated for 14 games in a row.

Round 15
Torino 1-1 Roma
View attachment 112975

Belotti took us in an early lead with goal in 28` minute. Roma were dominating team whole game and managed to score equalizing goal in 76` minute. Great pull off against one of better Serie A teams.

Round 16
Chievo 1-2 Torino
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We were upfront 2-0 in 13` minute with goals from Quagliarella and Belotti. After that Chievo closed all paths toward goal and went on full attack. Paloschi scored a screamer in 46` minute and that was last chance Chievo produced. We are now unbeated for 16 games in a row. The game also marked league debut for young righ back Maicon.
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Undefeated streak goes on.

Round 17
Torino 4-0 Inter
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Red card for Juan Jesus in 1` minute opened hunting season in Torino. Peres scored first, followed by Quagliarella, Avelar and Moretti in 91` minute. Inter were punished and left in a shame. Less than a day later Mancini was fired.

View attachment 112994

Italian Cup 4th qualification round
Chievo 3-3 Torino
(Penalty shootout)
View attachment 112993

Cup game versus Chievo was situated between two important League games against Sampdoria before and Roma after so some players who dont play in league got a chance to prove themselves. Bovo, Moretti, Zappacosta, Obi & Martinez were in first 11 with Zuculini, Benassi & Maxi coming in as substitutes. Chievo were dominating the game and managed to lead 3-1 after goal from Castro in 52` minute. Red card from Moretti in 70`th minute made comeback even less likely, however Torino Fc made a miracle with goals from Zappacosta and Obi in Last 10 minutes to equalize. After extra time score remained 3-3 it was all on penalties. My players were more concentrated and we were going onwards.

Italian Cup 1st Round
Lazio 2-3 Torino
View attachment 112992
Another lucky end. Although we were worse by statistic in whole 90` minutes, we managed to score 1 goal more than Lazio and we are proceeding forward.

View attachment 1094921

View attachment 112991

Top "half" season from Torino players as we slowly leave 2015 and enter 2016. Derbi della Mole on 6th January 2016 will mark where we belong, behind or infront of Juventus.

Nevertheless we managed to build quite an advance from 6th Palermo, now trailing us 12 points. Also we have players on top of almost every statistic.

Quagliarella is league best goalscorer with 15 goals while Belotti is tied 3rd with 7 goals.

Bruno Peres is leading Serie A in assist, he managed 8 assists in 15 games. He closely followed by our most expensive signing Lazaar, who reached 7 assists in 17 games.

Bruno Peres has also been voted Man of the Match 7 times, tied on top with Florenzi. He has 3rd best average rating of 7,97.

Key Players

Bruno Peres
View attachment 112986
Bruno Peres was very disappointed at the start of the season when we let Nemanja Maksimovic leave. I managed to convince him to stay and now he is Torino Fc leader. We are very happy that he decided to extend his contract with Torino until 2020.


Fabio Quagliarella
View attachment 112985
Fabio has managed to pull a real shock in first 17 games with 15 goals, 4 assists and average rating of 7,87. He is great leader of Torino on the pitch.

View attachment 112984
Our fans never let us down and we did our best not to let them down. Olimpico has allways benn full and we hope this trend will continue.


View attachment 112990

LaGazzetta dello Sport writes: "Torino Fc have managed to upset whole Italy and will enter 2016 on comfortable 2nd position, only behind their arch rivals Juventus. But will they manage to continue in such high tempo? Will they keep their form? Seems like there is alot of surprises still awaiting for us in 2016, lets hope Torino will manage to pull few of them."

View attachment 112989

L`Equipe writes: "Torino are living their dreams. Exactly 40 years ago they managed to win their last Scudetto. Are they allowed to dream again? Are they ready to win again? Next 21 games will give us answer, are Torino mature enough to be Italia`s finest again."

View attachment 112988

Sky Sports writes: "In Talia`s Serie A we are witnesses of fairy tale in making. Torino are this small, friendly elf taking and beating all this larger, evil troll`s and they are doing excellent job so far. But can they beat everyone? Can the become kings?"

View attachment 112987

The Guardian writes: "Torino have managed to pull a real shock, finishing 2nd after 17 games, only undefeated team in Italian Serie A. Can they continue with such a great form? We believe they can."

View attachment 1094929


Pontus Jansson - 2m€ to AFC Bournemouth.

Jansson played on only 6 games in first 17 games, in all coming as a substitute.​
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Dec 20, 2016
Winter shoping!

View attachment 112050

Busy Januar in Torino!

View attachment 1096008


Major signing in Torino!

View attachment 112042

LaGazzetta dello Sport announced that torino Fc have captured signature of now former Fc Koln number 1 Timo Horn. No transfer details have been released, but it is believed that Dragic activated Horn`s release clause of 9m€. Torino fans are delighted with new player. It is expected from Horn to steal position between the bars from Padelli right away.

View attachment 112041

Manchester United duo joins on loan for the rest of the season!

View attachment 112040View attachment 112039

Torino`s manager managed to bring on loan two very talented youngsters. Axel Tuanzebe, 18 years old Congolese centre back will act as a back up for Barba and Glik and is expected to slowly progres toward first eleven line up. Marcus Rashord, 18 years old english striker will play as back up for striker duo Belotti & Quagliarella, fighting for minutes with Josef Martinez. Rashford can also play as attacking midfielder or winger. As a part of Rashford deal, release clause was set at 5,5m€ in case Torino will be interested in buying young and talented player.

Veteran defender signs on loan for the rest of the season!

View attachment 112037

Just hours before transfer deadline Torino managed to capture another player. 30 years old Italian defender Marcello Gazzola has joined I Granata on loan for the rest of the season. Italian veteran played for Sassuolo since 2011 in Serie A and Serie B, appearing 94 times for Sassuolo, but only 4 times this season. As well experienced player he will give experience and strength to leaking Torino`s defence.

Unknown become˙s well known!

View attachment 112023

In a surprising move Torino announced that they have loaned 24 years old Italian defender Dani Verruschi from Serie C club Foggia. Just minutes before deadline, Torino confirmed capture of Verruschi. Verruschi joined Il Toro on loan for the rest of the season, with option to buy set at 110.000€. Verruschi appeared 14 times for Foggia this season scoring one goal. Dani is all rounded player, able to play all positions in defence as well as left midfielder or winger. The players comes as a complete unknown, but is not expected to have any major role in Torino Fc.


Sweede leaves Torino!

View attachment 112036

After managing only 6 apperances in first half of season, Pontus Jansson (25) was ofloaded to AFC Bournemouth on 1st of January 2016, with a fee expected to be around 2m€.

Maxi returns to Argentina!

View attachment 112032
After completely falling out of favor from manager Dragic and only appearing as a substitute five times in Serie A, without scoring a goal Maxi Lopez left Italy after 7 years and joined Argentinian San Lorenzo for a fee around 800.000€, potentially rising up to 1,3m€.

Padelli makes Premier League comeback!

View attachment 112026

Following his brief stint with Liverpool during 2006/2007 season, when he managed to play only 1 game for Reds after joining them in January from Crotone, Padelli re-joined English finest. Padelli was one of few weak links in Torino`s magnificent squad this year and found himself sitting on bench after Horn signed for I Granata. Just days before transfer deadline Torino announced Padelli left il Toro for Watford. It has been reported that 30 years old Italian goalkepper left for a fee around 2,4m€, potentialy rising up to 3m€.​
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Dec 20, 2016
Never back down!

View attachment 110474
Torino continues its fairy tale. Allready deep into season and steaming towards the end Torino maintains its speed and is still fighting for a title. But the question is can they keep up with the pressure?

View attachment 110449

Let us pick up from where we finished last time, with round 18 and DERBY DELLA MOLE!

View attachment 110473

Round 18

Juventus 0-0 Torino
View attachment 110472

Great performance from Torino players in local derby with leading Serie A team!! Horn managed to save a penalty on his debut. Juventus were dominating the game with 21 shots and 60% possesion, while we managed to shot only 4 times towards goal. Nevertheless our defence managed to hold the line and we stole one point from our neighbours.

View attachment 110471
And we were not the only one celebrating this point, there were many fans behind us as well.

Round 19

Torino 1-1 Palermo

View attachment 110470

Equal performance from both teams. We were not good enough for 3 points so Palermo will leave Torino with 1 point and happy face.

Round 20

Torino 2-2 Atalanta

View attachment 110469

Third draw in a row. Young 17 years old central back Benedetti started from first minute in light of missing Glik & Moretti. However his poor performance resulted in Atalanta`s lead by one goal on half time. We were saved from first defeat in 87` minute by left back Danilo Avelar.

Round 21

Bologna 1-2 Torino

View attachment 110468

Finally a victory after 3 draws in a row. Poor first half from Torino, but after much yelling during half time a new, reborn Torino came on the pitch and with two great goals from young Belotti Torino secured 3 points and 21st game in row without defeat. Unlucky, due to damaged heel Bruno Peres will miss next game against Fiorentina.

Round 22

Torino 6-1 Fiorentina

View attachment 110467

Unbelivable! Fantastic victory against very poor Fiorentina this season. Hat-trick from Belotti, two goals from veteran Quagliarella and one goal and great performance from Zappacosta who more than decently replaced missing Peres.

View attachment 110466

This victory would´t be possible without our fantastic fans.

Round 23

Udinese 0-5 Torino

View attachment 110465

Artillery firing all over Stadio Friuli. FanFucki*gTastic performance from Belotti who managed to score 5 goals for great 10.0 rating in 85` minutes of playing. This game also marked debut`s of Taunzebe & Rashford.
View attachment 110460

Round 24

Torino 2-2 Genoa

View attachment 110464

Atlhough we outshoot Genoa 24 shoots against 10 shoots we were unable to score more than 2 goals and adding another draw to our collection of draws.

Round 25

Lazio 1-1 Torino

View attachment 110463

Late equalizer from joker Rashford who just replaced Belotti 6 minutes earlier. Nevertheless we can be happy with performance from Torino players and also with a draw, especially since we were playing against 2nd team in Serie A. With this draw we also mark our 25th undefeated game in a row.

Round 26

Torino 1-0 Verona

View attachment 110462

Verona played very good defense, closing our paths towards their goal. Nevertheless we managed to score only goal in 68 minutes and secure 3 points.
We now extended our unbeatable record on 26 matches!

View attachment 110446

Undefeated for 26 matches in a row! What a fantastic result!

Round 27

A.C. Milan 3-0 Torino

View attachment 110459

The game we were all afraid of, but we all knew would come. We were just hoping it would come later rather than sooner. Milanese players were controling the game from first minute and deserved to win.

Round 28

Carpi 1-3 Torino

View attachment 110458

Back on track with great victory over Carpi. Barba and Lazzar scored their first goal since joining Torino. Well played.

Round 29

Torino 3-0 Empoli

View attachment 110457

Although Empoli played with 10 player from 4` minute onwards following Tonelli red card we were unable to find a way in goal. Empoli played very well defensive. But in 2nd half we steped up and scored 3 goals. Belotti, Rashford and Zappacosta made sure no surprise would occur on Olimpico.

Round 30

Frosinone 0-3 Torino

View attachment 110456

Allready 17th victory this season brought us 5 points away from 1st position. Great victory over Frosinone.

Round 31

Torino 1-1 Sassuolo

View attachment 110455

Although Sassuolo were completely dominating possesion, we were managed to shot 12 time against Sassuolo, exactly the same number of shot was fired towards Horn. However we were trailing by one goal since 7´minute and Antei nice goal. Nevertheless we never back down as we did not today and joker Obi managed to score late equalizer in 92nd minute.

View attachment 110450

Italian Cup Quarter Finals

Torino 2-0 Napoli

View attachment 110454

We slightly changed our formation for this game, while almost all players who played were from substitutions or bench, except from Horn.
First eleven looked like: Horn - Maicon, Tuanzebe, Bovo, Moretti - Zuculini, Acquah - Zappacosta, Prcic, Obi - Martinez (Segre 85`).

We played very defensively, but nevertheless managed to score 2 goals. However Zuculini was sent off in 76˙minute following second yellow card. Our only striker Martinez was repleaced by young 18 years olf defensive midfielder Jacopo Segre in 85` minute.

Italian Cup Semi Final Leg 1

Inter 0-0 Torino

View attachment 110453

We were better team, but we were unable to score a goal. Although we were in semi finals, we decided to rest some players as we are still rolling high in Serie A and would like to continue.
First eleven looked like: Horn - Avelar, Barba, Glik(Tuanzebe 80´), Peruzzi - Obi, Benassi, Basseli(Prcic 58´), Peres(Zappacosta 67´) - Rashford, Belotti

Italian Cup Semi Final Leg 2

Torino 0-0 Inter
(Penalty shootout)

View attachment 110452

Unlike from first game we played this game in our standard first team line up. Although we were not dominating team, neither were Inter. A draw seemed as a fair solution and we went into penalty shoot out. During penalties, Timo Horn once more proved he was great signing when he managed to save two penalties from Ljajic and Ranocchia securing us a spot in finals.

View attachment 110451

View attachment 1097803
Let us take a look on how things are standing.

View attachment 110448

Belotti emerged as our striking force with 20 goals so far, surpassing veteran Quagliarella who follows closely 2nd with 19 goals! Our 3rd best score is Peres with 5 goals so far.

Bruno Peres continues to to show its quality as he is our and Serie A leading assistant with 12 assists. Laazar is our second best assistant with 9 on his account, followed by Belotti with 8, Quagliarella with 7 and Baselli with 6 assists!

Bruno Peres is still our best rated player, with average rating of 7,75; followed closely by Quagliarela with 7,62.

Key Player:

View attachment 110447

Bruno Peres emerged as our leading player so far this season.​
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Dec 20, 2016
Seems like this is it!

Due to the lack of interest I will stop posting new updates on progress of this story.

Let us now quickly finish season 2015/2016 with Torino.

Round 32

Torino 0-2 Napoli

Our second defeat of the season. Although we played a decent match, we were no match for Napoli.

Round 33

Torino 1-1 Sampdoria

An average performance from my players was only enough for 1 point.

Round 34

Roma 1-2 Torino

We were behind after first half, but with goals from Quagliarella 71st minute and late winner Acquah in 94th minute we secured important 3 points.

Round 35

Torino 4-0 Chievo

Total domination from my players. Fabio scored twice before being replaced by Rashford in 81st minute. Martinez aded a goal in 79th minute and Rashfored scored 7 minutes after replacing Quagliarella.

Round 36

Inter 1-1 Torino

Fair split of points on Meazza as we allready look in the future and 2nd Derby della Molla of the season.

Round 37

Torino 0-0 Juventus

We were a competent team and 1 points was a fantastic outcome from this game as we secured 3rd place one game before season end.

Round 38

Palermo 1-0 Torino

A decent performance from reserves and some youngsters as we were trying to rest most of our first team players because we were in Coppa Italia finals versus Juventus in three days.
Youngsters Manuel Luca (Replaced Martinez in 51st minute) and Leonardo Riviora (full game) played.

Italian Cup Finals

Torino 2-2 Juventus
(Penalty shoot-out)

Simone Zaza took Juventus into early lead in 14th minute, but Belotti scored equalizer in 75th minute. Early into extra times, in 99th minute Marchisio score goal from more than 20metres. Again, Belotti scored close range equalizer in 107th minute. After bad shooting from penalty spot, Juventus won the cup.

Serie A second half of season overview.
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Season 2015/2016 standings
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Thank you for reading my previous threads. Before I finish with this story I will only post an transfer market update from 2016/2017 season summer transfer window and two of first team line up options.

Transfer market update:
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Marouane Fellaini was a very cheap bargain and he will play an important role in midfield
Nikola Maksimovic has returned from Chelsea following his departue last year for 23 million euros. We payed for him 13,5 million less after only one season. What a steal!
Aleksandar Kolarov was our third signing from Man City and will be our first option on left back.
Geronimo Rulli was our first summer signing, although his signature was allready secured in February.
Kevin Prince-Boateng was our last signing, coming as a free agent.
Jason Denayer joined on loan for the rest of the season with option to buy set at 26 million €. He will be our first choice for central defender together with Kamil Glik.
Jesus Navas joined on loan (100k/month) from Man City with option to buy set at 10 million €.
Jon Flannagan joined for free from Liverpool and will act as back up for right back.
Marcus Rashford extended his stay at Olimpico for another season, his new buy out clause was set at 4,2 million €.
Rune Ihle is a young 17 years old striker from Rosenborg with 4 and a half star potential rating. He was a cheap bargain.
Lorenzo Manini is also a 4 star potential. He was signed by my Executive director, not bad signing at all.
Mateo Adamo spent 6 weeks on trial and was later offered a contract, however he was loaned out to Serie B fellow team Como right after.


Gino Peruzzi - 25 million € (potentialy 26,2 million €) -> Schalke 04.
Gino asked for a permission to leave after I rejected and offer worth 12 million € from Borussia Dortmund. Schalke offered the best terms and he was off to Germany. Additionaly Schalke will pay us 1,2 million € over 12 months and we will recieve 20% from any future transfer sale.
Timo Horn - 9,75 million € (Potentialy rising to 15 million) -> AS Roma.
Timo Horn asked for a transfer after he was not registered for Serie A squad. Roma war most generous, with 9,75 basic fee; 3,25 million after 40 games; 2 million in 12 months; 20% from future sale fee.
Joel Obi - 3 million € (Potentially 4 million) -> Cagliari.
Following the return of Juan Sanchez Mino to Torino, Obi found himself without place in Torino team and was sold to Cagliari.
Josepf Martinez - 1,5 million € -> Cagliari.
Not in my plans anymore.
Emiliano Moretti - 90k € -> Astra AFC
Although playing on 20 matches last season, there was no place left for him following Kolarov arrival.
Bruno Zuculini - Loan 70k€/month -> PSV.
Although playing in 17 games last season, Zuculini found himself out from regular playing time which is needed to continue his progress. He was loaned to PSV where he plays an important role. So far he played on all 10 games and PSV a 1st in league.
Vittorio Parigini - Loan -> Twente.
Young Parigini was loaned to Twente to get some quality first team football in a strong competition. So far he played on 10 games, scoring 5 goals and adding 2 assists. His Twente are currently 2nd in league, following finishing 13th last season.

First eleven:
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This marks the end of "Resurrection of Il Toro" story, Thank you for your views and i can promise you that Scudetto will come to Torino.

Thank you.

Dragic out.​


Dec 20, 2016
What a season m8! Good luck at second season!
Thanks mate. It was crazy.
Yeah new season started pretty good. Had some problems with injuries, hopefully many quality players in squad allow me to rotate more. Maybe when i finish this season I will do an update in two or three posts =)